Monday, February 22, 2010

Deep thoughts from (and about) the gym

I actually went to the gym TWO days in a row this weekend. Almost as much a miracle as the US Hockey Team beating the Russians way back in 1980 or the Canadians just yesterday. Go Team USA (hello patriotism!). I happen to love going to the gym these days because they are showing the Olympics on a regular basis, something that I cannot get at home, seeing that we do not have cable. So far, I have seen some of the Men's ski cross (way cool) and the biathlon (very warrior-esque). If I could be an athlete in one event or the other, I would definitely favor biathlon.
Other than going to the gym to catch up on some TV viewing, I also meet up with a friend on a regular basis and we bitch and moan while we are on the elliptical trainer. The other option for me is the treadmill, where I join Michael, although we don't talk and socialize so much.
I find the gym experience a bit boring but also rather social in a nice way, since I'm apt to run into a colleague or a student from work. It's quite a change from the gym that we used to frequent (or non-frequent, really) in LA. It was in the heart of Hollywood, which sounds cool, perhaps, but was a nightmare. It fit the term "meat market" to a 'T'. Now, I don't mind so much that I'm a bit of a blob because there are plenty of normal people at this gym. I am running a bit on the treadmill, which feels good and painful at the same time. Ah, love that! It is actually nice to feel that I'm pushing myself a bit these days, even if it's to run for 5 minutes rather than 4.
Back to the experience yesterday... While I was watching the men's ski cross, they were also showing on another television "Keeping up with the Kardashians" or whatever-it's-called. I must admit that I knew about this family, but I had NEVER seen an episode until yesterday. It was like the proverbial carwreck - I couldn't help watching it! Seriously though, who ARE these people? And why is reality TV such a big draw? I do not understand our culture/society at times.
Anyway, that's it from the gym.
To be honest, I really prefer being out and about when/if I exercise. Despite loving sports and athletics and athletes, I'm more "active" than "athletic". I enjoy a challenge, but it doesn't necessarily have to be competitive. Rather, it can be that wonderful sensation that comes from a long, exhausting and exhilarating hike. Or the satisfaction of a backpacking trip (only short ones for me, unfortunately). Or the thrill of a bike ride with lots of hills thrown in.
I can't wait until I can actually DO half the stuff I've mentioned here, by the way!
Go Team USA, Go Me!


Kim said...

Good to hear about a positive gym experience :) Just the idea of gyms makes me cringe, but I think that's because I think of 24 Hour Fitness in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, with all the vanity-obsessed people on machines, like hamsters in wheels, running but not going anywhere. I think the gym could be a very peaceful time, good for small talk and watching mindless television (or the Olympics! That's good motivation). I like being active, and I'm always looking for new ways to get out of my routine, which is very much NOT communal! said...

I try to avoid going to the gym and doing stuff outside instead but it isn't always easy do to the cold, the darkness, and the safety factor. But I agree the social factor is sometimes nice.

I'm sure you are not a "bit of a blob!"

kilax said...

I used to work out in the office gym with a coworker one night a week and I LOVED our weekly treadmill bitch fest. It made the time speed by!

I am like you - not really in it to be competitive - well, with others! I like to improve, but really just love the time to decompress.

Good for you for two days in a row!