Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy days and enchiladas

This is a belated post, since it's now Saturday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of some socializing, some running errands and some work. The work week is now fully in the past tense, but I wanted to share the highlight:

Wednesday afternoon, I found myself grumpy for no particular reason and definitely feeling uninspired. Perhaps it was the rain and chilly temperatures, which at least made a fire welcome, but still! It's mid-April! I just had my toes done! I am ready for warmer temperatures, sandals and cute skirts! We are well in the midst of the fourth quarter, seniors misbehaving and teachers losing patience, the end is near but not near enough. A bit ennui has set in.
So, to my great delight and surprise, when I walked in the door, I saw a slight miracle. Michael had taken it upon himself to spend the afternoon cooking, putting together home-made (not the tortillas, but most everything else) chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, black beans and yellow rice. To me, this is total comfort food, and it hit the spot Wednesday evening as we tucked into an amazing meal, watched some "Foyle's War" and listened to the rain fall outside.

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