Saturday, November 12, 2011

A gloomy Saturday

It is 5:00 pm, and almost officially dark.  While I love the time change in the mornings, it does depress me a bit that night draws close so quickly these days.  However, when I remember that I used to live in places that get dark at 3:30 or so in winter (Philly and Seattle), I try my best to not complain too much.  And, even in sunny LA, there is something comforting about the sense that the year has moved on and that I can hibernate a bit because it is fall.
As for today, it has been the fastest Saturday EVER.  Okay, slight hyperbole there, but how is it that my weekdays seemed to stretch out forever, and then today I'd like to add a few more hours to the experience?  I feel that I just woke up but here I am, changing so that I can look respectable enough to go out and be in the public eye?
As for the day?  I'd call it lugubrious.  What a great word, right?  And not one that I can often use here in Southern CA.
The word has all of these negative connotations, but was lovely to enjoy the gloomy weather from a warm house for most of the day!  It rained a few times throughout the day, but at one point, I looked out the window, and all of these whispy, low-lying clouds were moving through and around the San Gabriels.  It was so beautiful, and I do love that I could take in the view right from the kitchen window.
Sometimes, I love living where we do.


kilax said...

You lost me with your big word! I looked it up then saw the next paragraph explained it. I really need to work on my vocab. I was for awhile, then quit (story of my life).

I would prefer the light in the evening. Like you, I can enjoy a gloomy day though. Sometimes it suits my mood!

Anonymous said...

Today has been gloomier than last Saturday so you must be loving it. It's freezing though! But pretty anyway.

Have a lovely weekend Kristina!

Kristina said...

Today HAS been gloomy! It's crazy because I love the sun and LOVE living where it is sunny about 90% of the time, but the gloomy days are awesome. I used to live in the Monterey area and Seattle - talk about gloom! But there is something so great about the gloom as it contrasts with the beautiful, sunny days that we have in abundance!