Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 is a blur already!

Hitting January, mid-month, it occurs to me that the month and year seem to already be in overdrive.  The weeks back to school/work have been full of meetings, classes, general busy-ness, and Michael and I have tried to keep our social card somewhat full without overdoing it.  The three-day weekend has actually provided me the opportunity to take a step back.  While I do need to grade, plan, write an exam or two and grade some more, the extra day is a much-needed buffer.  We haven't traveled and our plans are minimal, which is perfect for a productive weekend - painting and drawing for Michael, grading for me, sleeping and eating for the pups!
Not that it's been all work and meeting some of our responsibilities around here.  I've decided to embrace our Friday night out "rut" as not a rut but as the perfect way to enjoy the end of the formal work week.  We rarely make a huge evening of it, sticking to some place local and fun.  Last night, I was in the mood for decent bar food, so we made our way to The Fat Dog in Montrose, a fun little neighborhood that is very close and convenient. Before drinks and dinner, we stopped at the local bike shop to pick up a tire that needed some tweaking.  While Michael was paying, I unfortunately saw this beauty:

I'm kind of obsessed now.

After I salivated for a while over it, Michael pulled me away - or the idea of dinner and drinks motivated me to salivate over something else.  The "Fat Dog" experience did not disappoint!  We went there for the first time in December when we had no power and were desperate for a good drink and decent food, and we really enjoyed it.  This time around was the same.  Good food and drink - no complaints from us.  
Today has been full but fun - running errands this morning and working on and off this afternoon, but it doesn't have the rush feel that sometimes happens on weekends.  I just went out for a short but fun ride (not on the beauty shown above), and since all of Southern CA must be watching the NFL playoffs, I was almost the only one on the road - or so it seemed!
So, yes, it's been nice to slow down the pace this weekend.  Not to the point that I don't have a pulse, but I'll take the breather!

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kilax said...

Make sure tomorrow is actually LAZY :) :) :)

That is a beautiful ride! :)