Friday, October 19, 2012

The black hole of October

Perhaps I have said this before (or said it about different months), but April is definitely NOT the cruelest month in my life.  I would have to say that October trumps it by a large margin.  I was feeling pretty good about the academic year, even about going away for a weekend, but then last week hit and the metaphorical wheels sort of fell off the wagon.  I could blame the sense that I've fallen into a black hole on the hours of meetings through which I had to sit the past two weeks, or I could blame back-to-school-night, indisputably the low point of every year (even though I really don't mind talking to parents and doing the dog-and-pony show, it's just having to be "on" that is exhausting).

However, I think that losing power at the end of last week for over 24-hours tipped the scales.  Yes, this is definitely one of those first world problems, I recognize that, but I swear, it seems that if the wind blows, if it's hot, if it's cold, if we sneeze, then the transformer blows!  While not having power can be fun for a few hours, the romantic quality of reading by candlelight soon loses its appeal.  We ended up going to a bar on Thursday night so that I could grade papers, and Michael could draw.  On Friday night, I graded papers at a cafe while Michael went to class.  When we returned to our house around 10:30 pm, the power trucks were heading out, and we saw lights on the block!  It is amazing how appreciative we felt on Saturday.  Our dogs, by the way, were a bit freaked out with all the commotion while the power company was working on the street, and one or both of them ended up peeing on our kitchen floor.  As Michael said, the workers scared the piss out of them.  Pobrecitos!

This week hasn't sucked quite so much (aren't I positive), but I developed an eye infection yesterday - just on the eyelid, but it grosses me out.  While it doesn't look terrible to other people, I feel like my left eye is almost swollen shut.  Hopefully the anti-biotic eye ointment* will do the trick sooner rather than later, and I'll feel like my old self.

In the meantime, it IS Friday night - hooray!  I can't believe how exciting my plans for the weekend are - to write at least 10 letters of recommendation.  Ah, the joys of teaching high school seniors, all of whom seem to be applying to a school with a November 1st deadline.

In addition to feeling overwhelmed by work stuff (thank goodness I don't actually have an important job), I've been stressing about getting enough miles and staying in shape in the pool and on the bike, to a small degree.  Finally, I said "Screw it!"  I'd like to stay in top form - whatever that is - but I've also decided that focusing on the trail run in November is enough of a goal at the moment.  We'll see if I turn into a fat slob after that!

*Ointment - one of those words that I just hate the way it sounds.  "Slacks" is another one.  These words should be banned!


mindful mule said...

I've found that medium-form gets one by pretty well for a while.

Kalli said...

oh yes the start of this school year has been nuts. for us it has been budget cuts and doing alot more with a lot less. i say for sure to tone down the expectations or you will go crazy! i can vouch for the :) on another note, we lost power yesterday and I can understand. it finally came on this morning!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The high school teacher in my life is experiencing the same.

Kristina said...

Rob - I think that "medium-form" is a good place to be, especially as I'm running long (for me) and slow!

Kalli - The "more with less" mantra is tough. Hope that you are hanging in.

Chezjulie - Maybe October is every teacher's nemesis?

kilax said...

Ugh! I hope your eye is better!

My best friend has a list of words she hates and slacks is on it ;)