Monday, November 26, 2012

Thought for the day

Yes, deep thoughts, I know, very Jack Handy-esque.  But, after hearing on the news this morning about the billions (maybe that number is wrong, but I swear it isn't) of dollars that Americans spent over the weekend and finding that to be somewhat depressing, I was cheered when I opened up an email from Patagonia and saw this image:

As it turned out, we eschewed all sales on Friday and throughout the weekend, and we ended up finally taking a trunk full of clothes and other household items (old wedding presents that we've never used, for example) to donate on Saturday.  It was nice to clear out some of our stuff and to not add to our possessions!  To be honest, we did not do either one deliberately, it just turned out that way, but avoiding the sales did seem like the sane and rational option to both of us.

I have yet to take the pledge, hypocrite that I am, and we're hardly purists when it comes to consumerism.  But it does seem that we're downsizing this year in terms of Christmas for other people and birthdays for each other (we stopped giving Christmas presents to each other when we got married).  Downsizing, at least, in terms of "stuff".  We have plenty of activities planned, and we'll certain enjoy these experiences which are not exactly cheap, but no stuff.  We would like to buy new bike shoes and pedal systems at some point within the next two months, but I'm hoping that will be the extent of my personal shopping for a while!  I've also resisted signing up for a bunch of races, despite all of the deals that have cluttered my inbox in recent days.  Although they seem so appealing (and the prices are right in many cases), I'd like to be thoughtful rather than randomly signing up for a race just because it seems like a bargain.

So, here's to a little less consuming this holiday season?!


ChezJulie said...

Good for you! I'd like to scale back on Christmas presents myself, but my husband is the original "sack full of toys" guy.

I've read other people saying that they used Black Friday to get rid of things they don't need, and I love that idea.

Kristina said...

It does help that both of our families are also in the scale back mode. Otherwise, I don't think that we would have much success!

kilax said...

I know a lot of people already signing up for races for 2013! I am much more casual about it, and just register for the same 3 each year and pick up a few here and there.

I really want to buy people things they need so I struggle big time with the holidays. Most people I know seem to have everything they need, so I move down to the wants.

But we donate a lot so it makes me feel bad to be getting rid of things people got me, just to get me a gift.

Kristina said...


Well, I've signed up for one race in 2013. It sold out the day it went on sale, so I was glad that I jumped in.

I understand what you mean about buy people what they need. I feel that, fortunately, most people in my life have what they need.

As for the getting rid of presents - we try to recycle as much as we can (give to someone we know...), but these were items that we'd had around the house, not using them, for about 6 years. So, off they went!