Saturday, January 12, 2013

A slow start to 2013

I know, the ubiquitous 'new year' post finally comes, just 12 days into the so-called new year.  Returning to work this week was a bit rough on Monday, but then eased up around the edges and ended up being a FAST week - I thought that Thursday was Wednesday, which never happens!

Despite the speedy week back at the grind, I've felt that the year is off to a plodding start.  No doubt my current physical limitations have contributed to this sense, especially as I read/hear about everyone else's resolutions and how they began implementing them immediately.  I find that I am in a holding pattern - not just in terms of physical activity but other aspects of my life - which does not easily facilitate a "go get 'em" attitude.

2012 was a pretty fantastic and kind of a 'bold' year for me with trips to old and familiar places (San Francisco, Colorado, Seattle) combined with new adventures (Oregon, Vancouver, Nicaragua) and pushing myself a bit more 'athletically'.  I also turned 40 which, whether I like it or not, did mark a bit of a milestone and ushered in a new decade of my life and all that comes with that.  Currently, I feel that the "all that comes with that" includes more visits to doctors' offices, but there are positives to the forties - I'm probably (knock on wood) more financially stable than I've ever been.  That, of course, could change in an instance, but for now, I'll try to enjoy it.  Despite minor physical stuff, I do have my health, so does Michael, and we enjoy spending time with each other, our dogs and our friends and family.  So, cheers to that!

2013 seems to herald more of the same.  While there might be some major life changes (no, I'm not preggers, but I will be vague and obtuse about the possibility), I've planned out some of the year, and much of it looks a lot like 2012.  Will try to complete another half-ironman this summer, will do some traveling, will go to Nicaragua for work...  Not to diminish these plans - I recognize that I'm fortunate to find satisfaction from much in my life - but there isn't anything new and big and bold happening.

With that in mind, I'd like to focus on improving on past accomplishments.  For instance, Wildflower 2013 (for which I have yet to register) - I'd love to improve my time but also enjoy the experience this year.  For Vineman, a PR would be fantastic, and I'm going to aim for that!  And Nicaragua - I need to figure out a personal focus for this trip rather than just pulling the "I'm-just-chaperoning-card" which doesn't make the trip as fulfilling for me as it could be.

This blather seems narrowly focused on myself and my personal priorities and goals.  What is funny is that most of my life does not have anything to do with any of these events that seem to comprise my world when I write about them here.  Realizing how small all of this is in the grand scheme of life does, perhaps, give me a healthy perspective.  And, as I write about the transition between one year to the next, I wonder how meaningful the transition really is or is everything just on a continuum upon which I/we/society imposes some false sense of beginnings and ends?

Okay, deep thoughts for a Saturday.  I'm now off to grade some papers (I have a never-ending supply these days) and watch the Broncos vs. Ravens.  Go Donkeys!

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