Thursday, May 2, 2013

Careful what you wish for!

Ah, May first finally came and went, and I did very little to acknowledge it, but I must say that I am glad that April is over and that May is here!

With its arrival comes, of course, lots of busy-ness, but some of it happens to be of the "play" variety, which makes me quite happy.  This weekend, of course, is Wildflower.  I will spend Saturday morning reviewing with students as they prep for their AP, and then we'll (we being Michael and I, not the kiddos) get in our car, fully loaded with fun items like BodyGlide and other stuff, and head to Paso Robles.  As each year passes, I seem to take Wildflower a bit more nonchalantly, or at least in stride, although it is still a BIG deal in a lot of ways.  What I mean about my laissez-faire attitude is that the first year, we went up on Friday and spent a really fun weekend up in the Paso Robles area.  Then last year, we went up on Saturday and I picked up my packet and bought a hat and got all excited about the race the day before it.  This year, we're not even going to the park on Saturday, but will roll in early Sunday morning and I'll do packet pick-up and race the same day.  Not a relaxing weekend getaway, but that's life.  We will enjoy a nice meal on Saturday night at Artisan, a kick-ass restaurant in Paso Robles, and I can't wait for that!  As for my more relaxed attitude, it might bite me in the ass on race-day morning when I discover that I've forgotten something essential, like my helmet.

As for Wildflower, I'm finally feeling excited about that race and about the whole "it's racing season" thing.  I'm an avid weather watcher, especially because last year's race was so hot and I suffered so much due to the heat, so I've been keeping my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that it wouldn't be hot as hell this year.  I figured that if the temperature stayed under the mid-80's, I would be okay.

Well, apparently my prayers to the weather gods worked because we're now supposed to deal with rain and wind.  I can't wait!  I realize that the weather channel is NEVER wrong, but this has dampened my hopes just a bit, certainly for the bike.  Now, I'm hoping that I don't crash on the bike and make it to the run.  I think, if I make it to the run, it should be a good one, especially if it's not too hot and rainy.  I haven't experienced a rainy Wildflower, so this should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Have a great race, Kristina!

"Dampened" your hopes? Was that an intentional pun? ;-)

Kristina said...

I don't think it was intentional, but maybe my subconscience was gunning for it.
Thanks for the wishes - it should be fun!