Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That 'T' word

Training, that is.

After two somewhat lackluster months, which I'd really like to forget about, I decided that June would be *IT*, the month that I'd get my shit together and focus on Vineman.  Good thing, since it is, gulp, about a month away - just shy of 5 weeks at this point.  Yikes!  If that can't motivate me, I'm not sure what can.  Fortunately, June also brings with it a summer schedule that is much more conducive to training (and overtraining, I might add).

While it still seems that I'm a bit behind and probably can't quite make up for May and taking some time off thanks to my calf, I am staying clear of total panic mode.  My running, after easing back into it, feels solid to me.  Some runs are faster, I slog through others, but I'm definitely putting in the miles.  I also discovered the Cherry Canyon trails in La CaƱada thanks to the Cal Tri Monday run group, and those are just amazing - great trails and wonderful views.  I've only run on them twice, but each time seems like an adventure.  A slow one, but still!

As always, I can find plenty of gaps when it comes to my swim and bike training.  Now that it's summer, I have the luxury of time, so that is not the issue.  Rather, I feel so slow doing both which is frustrating, of course.  I am enjoying the more flexible hours to swim and/or bike and consider myself lucky, especially in the swim department.  Swimming during the day at the Rose Bowl usually affords me the opportunity to pick a lane, any lane, in either the long or short course pool - so, I can't complain about the conditions.  While that has been a treat, I am worried about the lack of open water swims that I have under my belt at this point, but I know of 2 upcoming ocean swims, so hopefully that will boost my confidence as July 14 nears.

Finally, the bike - I was feeling quite stuck at the 30-35 mile per ride experience around the Pasadena/Altadena/Montrose area, but on Saturday, Michael and I finally ventured west and biked PCH for the first time this year  It had been way too long (since last year - really?!), but he was getting over a nagging IT band injury, and I'm still reluctant to ride PCH all by myself, for a number of reasons.   It was a great morning to ride - super grey and a bit damp, but not too slick on the road.  As usual, we enjoyed the ride, although we could see and smell the effects of the Springs Fire around Leo Carrillo State Beach and La Jolla Canyon, even on our bikes - the burn area came right to PCH.  We headed north, just crossing the Ventura County line, and the return trip south was a bit slower, in part because we did take our time to admire the views, which included lots of surfers and also dolphins heading north!  After the ride, I went for a quick run (yay for bricks) and then we inhaled a plate of the best fried food at Malibu Seafood.  That was amazing!  I'm hoping for a few more longer rides by the beginning of July, so we'll see where that puts me in terms of bike fitness - or just confidence.  And, yes, we'll definitely be following the rides with good food and possibly drink.

I suppose the other nagging concern is the weather - as usual, June gloom has made these recent rides and runs pretty enjoyable, but I need to get out in the heat.  Who knows what the weather will be like in Sonoma in July, but I'd like to be somewhat prepared for higher temperatures!


mindful mule said...

I want to run/bike Cherry Cyn sometime. It's a really steep approach on the street. I rode my bike just to the trailhead once and that was tough enough. Also, is there any shade up there?

Kristina said...

Rob - It's definitely mountain bike friendly. A lot of it is fairly exposed, but depending on different routes/paths, there can be some shade. We ran up to the very top - there are some towers and that was our goal. The trip down was lovely - nice little curves. Again, you can make it much longer, which is the cool thing about the trail, maybe starting from Hahamongna (maybe the La Canada side rather than the Altadena side).