Thursday, April 30, 2015

Racing dreams

So, St. George is a mere 2 days away - less, actually, if you count the hours - and I'm pretty calm.  Sort of!  I did freak out yesterday afternoon, realizing that there was NO WAY that we could leave this afternoon (our scheduled departure day).  Fortunately, we are driving to St. George, so we had some flexibility, and it won't screw things up too much to leave early tomorrow morning.  The other change in the weekend schedule/coordination is that Gus will be traveling with us!  We had planned on boarding him with this great woman (from - I'm a huge fan of this site), but his sleep issues continue, so he's coming with us.

As for the race?  We'll see how things go on Saturday.  I don't have huge expectations, but I might be a little crushed if it's a terrible day for me.  And, I'm worried that it might be terrible.  Signing up for St. George, I was well aware of the fact that conditions would probably be less-than-ideal, and when I started to stalk the app, the temperatures steadily rose . Last week, I think that the high was supposed to be 81 degrees on Saturday, and now, it's supposed to be 90 degrees.  As I checked the weather daily (obsessive?), I told myself that the heat would be okay, I'd raced in hot weather before, and I could cope, as long as it wasn't windy.  And it now looks as though it'll be a windy day.  Dammnit!

But the dreaming bit?  I don't have frequent dreams about races, but I've had a few - and they always make me laugh.  A few years ago, I dreamt that I had forgotten my bike and went straight from the swim to the run.  That was probably wish fulfillment.  Last year, then, I dreamt that I had the wrong Ironman date, a dream that freaked me out so much I was nervous to confirm the date.  And this year?  Apparently I missed my wave start and didn't have my ID at St. George!

Keeping that dream in mind, I guess it will be a successful race if I start with my wave, so no complaining about a slower-than-desirable day!


One Crazy Penguin said...

90 is HOT! Just make sure that you hydrate and stay safe. There will always be more races, but being safe and healthy is the most important :)

mindful mule said...

Yes, hydrate! Luckily, since it's a Tri, you can drink throughout the swim!

I think checking the weather multiple times per day is normal.

Tri like the wind!

erin said...

Thinking about you today! Have an awesome + fun race!

Kristina said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I think you all sent me some racing JUJU!