Saturday, March 20, 2010

High School Musical!

Ah, March, it's that time of year. Not only does this bring the advent of March Madness, as people fill out brackets and start to pay attention to college basketball rankings (which, until now, are pretty useless, and even following the rankings can be useless - case in point, Kansas losing today), but in my *very* exciting world it means that it's MUSICAL time! Not that I involve myself in the yearly production. I have zero artistic talent, visual, dramatic or musical. That said, I do enjoy seeing our students on stage. It also helps that the director always puts on a great show. He's a genius working with the students and creating an entertaining, well-acted and well-choreographed performance, but he also wants the students to learn from the process, so it's not all about the BEST cast or performance possible. Although, the musical productions tend to be pretty damn good. I haven't seen the movie versions of the high school musical concept, but I can't imagine that they truly capture the stress, exhaustion and sleep-deprivation from which our students suffer.
Anyway, we had tickets for Thursday night, and I even cancelled homework for my students, feeling generous and supportive (keeping in mind the sleep deprivation and stress). Plus, I knew that it would be a futile effort because all of those involved would simply not do the homework, as little as it might be. I have actually learned a few things from experience.
So, back to Thursday, opening night of "Fiddler on the Roof". Despite that we left during the intermission, I can say with some confidence that it was quite a good production. Act I, at least, was. There is always a tinge of nostalgia as seniors are up on stage for their very last production, one of many "lasts" that begin to accrue for them, but then it's exciting to see young and new faces that are participating. For me, I enjoy watching students that may not shine in the classroom, particularly, but who possess an amazing voice as they belt out "Tradition!" or are surprisingly light on their feet as they glide across the stage.
Next week, life will return to normal - I'll dole out the homework like it's going out of style, hit students with a quiz, a test, an essay. In the meantime, however, we all might be whistling "If I were a rich man" to ourselves as we get through the day.


Kristin said...

Saw your comment on KERF today and came to see which Davidson grad that was close to me - it is good to see you here. I hope you are enjoying CA. I am in Baltimore, MD. I bit colder weather than you. Hope you are well.
Kristin Atkins

Kim said...

I've always enjoyed theater. I was a theater minor in college, a fact I often forget as I really have zero talent in that area. I'm not sure what compelled me. I do like the idea of it, I guess. I think it's great that you support the students!

Kristina said...

I just left a message on your blog, but I'm not sure you'll get it or check it. Anyway, totally crazy! How is life treating you?

I always wanted to be able to sing and dance and act, but I'm pretty bad at all of the above. As far as supporting the students, it's sort of expected, but I also enjoy it. So, win-win, especially if I leave at the intermission and get to bed a a decent hour! said...

Theater is always so much fun...I can't say that I understand a lot of it but it is always fun to see different shows. I really want to be better about taking Maya to see shows too!!

I saw Fiddler on the Roof when I went to Vancouver a few years ago. It was excellent!