Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekends are for brunch

Random side note: While we have a big-ass television set on/through which we watch movies and play video games (I don't really do the latter, although I have tried out "Little Big Planet" and it is fun), we do NOT have cable and cannot watch regular television. Yes, I missed the Olympics and I have also just now missed the Oscars. That said, the Interweb is a wonderful place where you can follow the entire Oscar ceremony on NPR's live blog. Pathetic, I know, but it kept me rather entranced for a few hours of the evening. I must say that I don't have anything against "Avatar", but I did not want it to win.

Back to the main story: Brunch.
I happen to love brunch, although I am always torn between the decision: sweet or savory. Sweet, in the form of pancakes, waffles and french toast; savory, in the form of eggs and sausage, omelettes, scrambles, chilaquiles, burritos, bacon, grits, bicuits. The ideal, of course, is to have sweet AND savory, which I can usually swing because I'll order the sweet and Michael will go for the savory. We are a good team like that.
Yesterday morning, we were supposed to meet up with some friends for brunch. They ended up canceling on us, but I swear the brunch idea was firmly lodged in my brain. So, after an early dog walk, we headed out for brunch. It seemed decadent because we almost never "just go out" to brunch on our own. This tends to be a 'social' activity. We threw caution into the wind, however. The experience did not disappoint - banana bread french toast for me and a Southern egg concoction for Michael. We shared our meal with each other, of course, and left completely satisfied and stuffed.
Then, this morning, as we were walking Gus and Milo around the neighborhood for their morning walk, we smelled breakfast cooking, the aroma wafting out of one of the houses along our route. Once again, the brunch idea inserted itself into my 'breakfast' plan. So, instead of coming home and eating a "typical" breakfast of cereal and fruit, I made waffles and eggs (with goat cheese and chives). I've had a waffle maker since I lived in Seattle (ooh, long ago - 2000-2002) but rarely use it. However, about once a year, it comes in VERY handy. Today, the waffles hit the spot, and the eggs were great. Topped it all off with fresh strawberries from the farmers' market and a lovely cup of French press coffee, we couldn't have been happier or more satisfied.

Tomorrow is the beginning of what will probably be a very long, crazy-busy and stressful week, so I will try to keep the memory of lazy weekend breakfast/brunches close to me.


Kim said...

I didn't want Avatar to win either! I didn't even see it, but I just don't really like those CGI movies. I like movies reliant on the story and characters, not special effects.

Anyway...I made eggs with goat cheese this weekend too! I also love brunch. I don't like to mix sweet/savory too much. I usually get some kind of egg dish with toast, potatoes/hash browns, fruit. I do like waffles occasionally. I make pancakes at home sometimes, but I'm always over full when I get them at restaurants. Now I'm hungry... said...

Waffles and eggs sound like the perfect breakfast to me...oh how I miss waffles! I wish I could find a gluten-free version that doesn't taste like feet.

Have a good, not too stressful week!