Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spanish Score(s) Plus Spoiled and Sponsored

All of THAT just about sums about the past few weeks of my summer, but for the lay person, I may need to decipher. First of all, this could be two or even three separate posts since the topics vary, but I couldn't resist the alliteration impulse!

To begin with - MAJOR DRUM ROLL, please!
"Spanish Score" - That would be a reference to the World Cup. I dutifully trudged to the gym yesterday to see the Germany-Spain semi-final match. Why go to the gym? Oh, we have internet cable and we have a lovely TV, but we do not have cable for our TV. So, most of entertainment takes the form of Netflix movies and shows, which is usually fine by me. Not the case these days with the World Cup! So, we've been spending a crazy amount of time at the gym to see some of the matches. Mind you, if Spain would score before the 73rd or 83rd minute and even scored AGAIN, then we wouldn't be such gym rats. Anyway, I totally thought that Germany had the game all wrapped up, seeing that they'd just dominated and crushed England and Argentina, and Spain has struggled against so many teams. Imagine my surprise and absolute pleasure when I saw the game yesterday - Spain played so well as a team, and they finally put the ball in! It was a great goal too. GOOOOOOOOLLLLL! And they are in the finals!

Spanish ScoreS (plural!) - Those are my students' AP exam scores which came in this week. They all passed and most passed with VERY marks! While I did expect them to perform well, I cannot say that I wasn't worried at all. There are always little inklings of doubts and concern. I pushed them hard last year, and I will admit that I probably focused a bit too much on the product (the AP exam), but it would have been worse if, despite all of my pushing, they hadn't performed as well as they could have and as well as they did. Hopefully I can relax a bit more this year, armed with knowledge that I definitely provide the students with the tools they need in order to pass a stupid exam.
(Did I just say 'stupid exam'? Oh, yes indeed!)

Spoiled - I have felt completely spoiled lately! Yes, I am teaching 2 hours a day, but it is ideal because the class is zero pressure, I can prepare for it the hour before it starts and an hour or so the night before. Once I finish with the class, I then have time to PLAY! So far, I've enjoyed several brunches/lunches out, I love eating lunch en casa, reading books in the afternoon before and after a nap, going for walks, getting a pedicure, going out for margaritas and mexican food (last night - major celebration when I heard about the AP scores).

Sponsored - This is hand-and-hand with "spoiled" but slightly different... It has to do with my summer wardrobe expansion. Yes, I have indulged in some rampant consumerism, so I will go flagellate myself for a few hours, days or weeks. My favorite form of "sponsorship" is Patagonia, which I prefer to call "Patagucci". I did happen to walk into the local Patagonia this past weekend with Michael, looking for a present for a friend. How did it happen that we left with no present but a really cute dress for me?! See, Michael totally spoils me. He also found it very entertaining when the salesclerk said to me, "You're a teacher, aren't you", validating his opinion that I spend far too much time in the local Patagonia place.
I also discovered a new obsession/brand: Ibex! I tried on some of their pants (or trousers, but they aren't really 'trousers', but I know that some people have an aversion to the word 'pants'. I, personally, hate the word "slacks") when we were in Colorado, and at Michael's urging - I swear! - I ended up with a new pair of pants and have been stalking their products on-line ever since. I do like to think that at least SOME of the companies that I sponsor (despite joking that THEY sponsor ME, a concept I've borrowed from a friend of mine) are somewhat environmentally- and socially-friendly. Does that assuage my guilt? Just the tiniest bit.
By the way, does it strike anyone else as funny that assuage = sausage?!


Kim said...

Haha, assuage = sausage. Interesting.

I love your name for Patagonia, and I'm glad you got some retail therapy ;) Also, so happy to hear that all your students passed! I'm sure that's got to be such a relief. You deserve the naps and relaxing! It's not being spoiled; it's just enjoying some fruits of your labor!

Jaya said...

You have an awesome sense of balance - being able to enjoy yourself is soooo important! I have a similar affliction (being that I am legally conjoined to a gear head) except for my budgetary kryptonite comes in the form of Arcteryx.
I do love the Patagonia and I honestly believe that outdoor gear companies are starting to be viable competitors in leisure wear markets, too. I actually love the colours, textiles and prints and think it's wild that you can wear it on the mountain and then out for margaritas!
Congratulations to you and your students - one can't succeed without the other!