Friday, October 8, 2010

A busy life and weekend plans!

I always forget that at this point in the year, I am completely overwhelmed and totally behind. I now have a stack of tests AND essays to grade. I did, however, survive a week of meetings, in addition to classes. The three-day weekend seems like a nice way to celebrate that I've made it this far, being the veteran that I am. Usually, I like to hunker down, relax and get through piles of papers when a long weekend presents itself. This time around, however, I refuse to succomb to that temptation.

So, our bags are already packed, the food is prepped, more or less, and we have a full tank of gas. Kings Canyon National Park, here we come! Tomorrow night, if all goes as planned, we will be sleeping as snug as a bug in our sleeping bags, hopefully under a blanket of stars.
It's rather symbolic that we planned this trip to Kings Canyon - symbolic to me, at least. The last time I did a short, overnight back-packing trip was in Kings Canyon. Four years ago in August, Michael and I were still pretty much newly-weds (such a silly term), and we did a quick trip to Seville Lake. Since then, my knee became progressively weaker, and I nixed backpacking as an activity. It is with great excitement and trepidation, then, that I undertake this trip. We're still not sure what our route will be, but there should be several good options (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the park isn't full up!). The excitement is pretty obvious - weekend getaway, breathtakingly beautiful scenery, physical challenge. The last item also brings with it a bit of trepidation on my end. Since I haven't done an overnight backpack in a while, I do feel a bit anxious about the demands that the trip will exact, but I'm also hopeful and optimistic about my strength and ability.
If it is a successful trip, I'll post an update and expound poetically on the joys of backpacking. I'm not actually very experienced, and this is one of my major goals in the next few years - to become a more experienced camper, hiker and backpacker. In the meantime, I've checked our list at least twice, and I *think* that we have all the necessities and even a few luxuries! I'm not sure if my Thermarest compressible pillow counts as a luxury, but it is official "gear", and I happen to love this item of comfort!
Ah, it's the small joys in life!


Kim said...

Wow, have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear more about it. I think it's great that you're able to leave behind work for some much-deserved relaxation and adventure. Sleeping under the stars will be amazing :) Have fun!

kilax said...

I cannot wait to see the pics! I hope everything works out and you come back with backpacking tips for all of us!

Jaya said...

Kristina, that is so amazing that you are ready to re-introduce something you love. I can see why you might feel a bit of trepidation, but you are going to do great. We got out for a hike yesterday and though we did get to the summit and back, I was struggling to conquer the really challenging and steep scree slope. But I thought of you on my way down (given our common use of the descent metaphor) and decided that the only way to honour myself and this mountain was to throw all caution to the wind and go scree running. It was the best scree run I have ever had. I have the bruises on my poor left side to prove it! Have an amazing time and fill us in when you get back!