Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble gobble and gratitude!

So, our turkey arrived last week and it looks something like this:

We ordered it from this place in Tyler, Texas, Greenberg Turkeys that smokes turkeys. My parents turned us on to these smoked turkeys a few years ago, and we had already ordered our turkey (along with one for Michael's parents and the person who dog-sat for us all summer) when I read this article in the NYTimes. So, now I'm almost feeling hip, chic and cool.
Speaking of coolness, we actually leave town tomorrow, driving up to San Francisco, with the bird in tow. I always feel tragically unhip in that fair city, but it's also one of my favorite places to visit (and how I'd love to live there!). We'll be spending the afternoon/evening with friends, and we all opted for something fairly easy regarding the bird. We're also taking mashed potatoes, mashed yams (without marshmallows - that was never a part of my T-day experience), brussels sprouts (which we'll roast with bacon) and a fruit crumble-thingy. No pie. I'd like to learn to make pies one of these days, but this is not the moment.
I am excited to see lots of friends, be in San Francisco and also to travel with our mutts, Gus and Milo. They love road trips, and we enjoy spoiling them. We've rented a studio apartment for the weekend, so we will be in the Castro rather than a tourist-central area like Union Square. Other than stopping by the Ferry Terminal, Dynamo Donuts and the Doc Martens store, we will avoid the shopping frenzy like the plague.
In the meantime, I am grateful for many things this year. Just to name a few:
- The travel opportunities that I have enjoyed this year - the big trips and also the smaller weekend getaways.
- My health, in particular the fact that I can be active again!
- Family, friends and dogs.
- An amazing life partner (okay, husband). I know that it's cliche, but he really makes my life so much better than it would be otherwise.
- A short day today and two days off!
- Finally, the small moments that often present themselves everyday. For instance, we're listening to some great salsa music right now. Life's pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

I feel tragically unhip in San Fran too! It's just a city of stunningly gorgeous and perfectly dressed people. Other than my plummeting self-confidence, I do love visiting that wonderful place.

I hope you have a great time in San Fran and a Happy Thanksgiving.

PS - I hate parades too. Hate. Parades.