Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend in San Fran

Oh, yes, I'm very behind everything right now. The stacks of papers to grade are piling up, holiday cards will probably go out in January, and I feel rather unmotivated to do much of anything except focus on cranberry-blueberry pancakes. I did get college recommendations out on time, which I consider to be a major coup. Also, I am finally getting around to a quick trip report: San Francisco!
We drove up fairly early on Thursday morning, and while there was traffic on I-5 (of course), it moved apace, so we arrived more or less on schedule, right around 1:30. We ended up staying in a studio in the Castro, which was convenient to several friends' places in the city and was blissfully untouristy, with easy street parking - totally unheard of! It was very much a low-key, friend-centered visit. We also took our dogs, which they enjoyed, and we experienced the dog-friendly-ness of San Francisco! The people at the Doc Martens store even let Michael bring Gus and Milo into the store so that I could model these to them. Other than hitting up the Doc Marten store in the Haight (where I ended up buying the much coveted boots!) and going to the ferry building on Saturday morning, we hung out at friends' ate plenty of good food, and went for long walks with the dogs. Not a bad way to spend a holiday weekend! Plus, the weather cooperated, on the whole, which worked out well for all of us. Here are a few images to document the weekend:

Michael, trying to "herd" the dogs or make them pose for a photo-op. They, as usual, are not fully cooperating.

What you can't see is Milo pulling me along here. The picture (taking with an iPhone) doesn't do justice to the day.

Around the Ferry Building with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Milo looking like an alien in the car - look at that big smile, though!

We definitely fall into the "lame" category in terms of photos. Michael took the good Canon, but we left it in the car or the studio during many of our outings. So, we don't have a picture of Fort Funston, which is, as a friend described it, "Doggie Nirvana". We spent most of Friday morning there, and it was a grand old time.
This visit DID drive home the fact that most of our friends that are around the child-bearing and -rearing age are doing what they are "supposed" to be doing: having children, reproducing, adding to our population. It is CRAZY! To me, at least! It also serves to drive home the self-awareness that I (still) do not want children. It's a good think that my mom doesn't read this blog - she'd probably start to cry right now.

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