Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Tis the season for presents!

And for being with friends and family, of course. I know that it's obnoxious, in bad taste and somewhat taboo to talk about presents in relation to Christmas, which is so hypocritical. So, I confess that I do like the present aspect, both giving and receiving. Our 'holiday-celebration-extravaganza' season seems to begin with Michael's birthday, at the beginning of December. The bargain that he and I struck a few years ago was to give each other a blow-out birthday but then Christmas would revolve around friends and family and presents for them. It has worked beautifully, although I am thinking about going the stocking route with him next year, just so that we have fun, little items to open up. The otherdeal about our birthdays is that the birthday boy or girl also gets to give the NON-birthday "celebratant" a present, which makes it an exciting day for both people, in one way or another.
Anyway, for Michael's b-day, he gave me a Patagonia t-shirt which made me immensely happy. I did not give him one "major" present, but some of my favorite items were a Lonely Planet California Trips guidebook (which is awesome!) and these uber-cool and totally non-usable shot glasses:

As for the presents that people gave us, these sweaters may be my favorites:

It's not really about the sweaters, of course, but how INDIGNANT our ever-dignified dogs look, especially Gus, who is in the pink sweater. My mother-in-law apologized for not giving us/them two green sweaters, but I told her that Gus likes to celebrate his masculinity wearing pink. Who doesn't, after all?


kilax said...

I LOVE hearing about all the gifts, even though we aren't supposed to talk about it!

I love those shot glasses. You could use them... just don't set them down!

Kristina said...

Kim - The shot glasses are actually designed to also stand on the moose and deer heads, which is cool, and they are really sturdy. I'm just paranoid!