Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latin is not dead!

See, togas! I wore a toga this weekend, and it was NOT because of a frat party! Non, non! Rather, it was probably one of the biggest nerd-fests that a person can find outside of a computer science convention. That would be: the annual Latin Convention for the Junior Classical League (just the state convention, not national).
I wore my toga with great pride for about 30 minutes, during the "spirit competition" and I tried to shout lots of Latin slogans. A difficult task because I know just about zero Latin.
As painful as it is to lose a weekend thanks to chaperoning an out-of-town event (loooonnng bus ride on Friday and today), I admit that I enjoyed seeing so many kids amped up and excited about Latin and classical history and culture. They were probably most excited about missing school and hanging out with their friends and very cool teachers all weekend, but that's another matter. While I did not participate in gladiatorial combat, I did sit in on a lecture about Nero - whether he really was as much a crazy, brutal tyrant as we think or whether we have taken an unfair view of his reign. While the lecture was a bit dry, I did find it rather interesting. No verdict on history's unfair portrayal of Nero, although the lecturer did make an interesting psychological case - that a family history like Nero's would push anyone to the brink of insanity.
I also took advantage of this weekend to dig deeper into a book that has been languishing around the house, rather ignored. I read I, Claudius for the second time over Christmas break and then stalled in re-reading the sequel, Claudius the God. This weekend, however, seemed like the perfect time to return to it - not only because of the long bus ride, but also because of the thematic and historical nature. I haven't finished it, but have made excellent progress and am enjoying it the second time around!

Despite all the fun over the weekend, it was so nice to return home sweet home!

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