Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Fever and other craziness

Yesterday, when the person who is more or less "dean of faculty" said to me, "Oh, I'll be ready for our meeting in a minute", I knew without any doubt that I am over-committed and have been juggling far too many mental to-do lists. I had double-booked my 1:00 time slot. I also realized this morning that I double-booked a time this coming Thursday. Fortunately, I can correct Thursday's screw-up, and the double-booking yesterday ended up working out, but I think that I need to keep a to-do list for the next few weeks.
The problem is that I usually have about 3 on-going mental to-do lists, and I can keep them straight. At the moment, however, I have a surge in major activities and events, so my mental lists have almost doubled going from this:
- AP Class
- Level III Class
- Other "stuff" going on (house, doctor, bills, social...)
To this:
- AP Class
- Level III Class
- One administrative job stuff
- Transitional administrative job stuff
- Training stuff
- Camping weekend stuff
- Other stuff

Is it any wonder, then, that I feel like this:

Fortunately, I did have the good sense earlier in the week to anticipate a major crash and burn. While I would have liked to AVOID that crash and burn episode, at least I was able to end the week with some major down time. When the day ended (with a fun class, thank God!), I returned home and decided that I was not going to work out for two reasons: a. my left leg felt exhausted. Not to parse the parts of my body too much, but I do pay attention to my left leg and how that is feeling because it can affect my overall energy; b. I wanted a nap.
So, I took a nap, then woke up and walked the dogs which is always a positive experience. After the walk, Michael and I headed out for a very exciting night on the town! I got a pedicure, and he wandered around as he patiently waited for me. The pedicure was the usual great experience - I read trashy magazines while someone rubbed my feet, trimmed them up and then painted my toesies. I picked a pinkish-orange color that is unusually bright for my taste, but I still like it this morning. The major bonus was that the nail place was serving cosmos! I forgot about that perk but did not hesitate to respond in the affirmative when they asked me if I wanted one.
After liquid refreshment and freshly painted toes, Michael and I ate dinner at an Indian place that we are fond of. We will occasionally order take-out from this place, and we've eaten there once, so we were confident that it would be an enjoyable experience! Also, since we don't eat out too often these days - at least not for dinner, we thought that would make the experience a double treat. Overall, the evening did not disappoint at all! The food was great (we thought), service was very relaxed, and we sat back and enjoyed the night, talking about our summer plans.
It was a great way to kick-off the weekend, which has, so far, been pretty fantastic. I woke up on the early side for a Saturday and cranked out a nice swim. We hit up the Farmers' Market this morning and stocked up on fruit and vegetables for the week (hello there, fresh, young garlic!).
We're leaving soon for a spin class, and then it will be an afternoon full of grading. That, obviously, is not so fun, but the morning has provided a bounty of energy and "ME" time, so I think I'll be okay with grading on a Saturday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

If I didn't keep track of everything on a monthly calendar I know that I would be double booked for sure. I bought a $1 planner from Target (crazy, right?) and I swear it is my life line and to do list all in one.

I'm glad your Saturday has been restful thus far! I'd love to know the Indian restaurant's name...I have been searching for a decent one in LA since I landed years ago.

Kristina said...

I don't think that it is authentic AT ALL but it is Akbar. I know that there are a few in the LA area. I feel pretty white-bread in terms of my taste and appreciation for Indian food. But they make the food as you order it, so it tastes really fresh. Also, they don't have a huge menu, which I actually like. It seems a bit more focused rather than pages and pages of food.
How is your trip, by the way?!

sarah (SHU) said...

write it all down -- you will feel better i promise :) although if you don't want a $1 planner i can recommend a number of possibilities to splurge on (HA!)

Jaya said...

I have completely convoluted reasons for maintaining a written record of my to-do list and it's because I am obsessed with being able to check things off. I am convinced that the grind of grad school is what has driven me to even make retroactive checklists! I have the most awesome planner ever; it's called Slingshot and it's available at lots of local bike stores pr little alternative shops. I have no idea where in CA you live, otherwise I could tell you where it's sold - there is a little directory in the back. Boo!