Friday, May 13, 2011

A lucky Friday

Hello spring and happy Friday 13th!
A rather ominous date, but in the Spanish- speaking world, Friday 13 isn't the unlucky day but TUESDAY the 13th. I reminded my students of that fact as they prepared for their AP Exam - the very last one of the year. For most of the students, it was the very last AP exam of their illustrious high school career. It's a long year and a bit of a slog at the end, but the students whom I saw after the exam felt confident about the experience which is always a good sign.
This marks the end of the class, and yesterday was the last day of senior classes, so I am officially down a class for the next two weeks. No complaints on my end! It is bittersweet to see the seniors go and to end the year with them, especially with these kids, but right now, I confess, I am enjoying a bit more peace and free time.
The end of senior classes and the blissfully spring-like weather serve as auspicious signs of summer, and I am more than ready to enjoy the laid-back summer months.
In anticipation, a package arrived in the mail, and I now have my new favorite 'gear':

No, not the dog - although Milo was looking pretty cute! No, my awesome wetsuit! Ocean and lake swims - here I come!

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