Friday, May 27, 2011

The end is near!

I realize that "The Rapture" was supposed to happen last Saturday, but no such luck. In my own school calendar world, however, the end does not refer to an apocalyptic event but to that final day when the campus is final free of children, big and small, and we (the faculty) can finally exhale. There are different ways to measure "the end" - is it graduation? The last day of meetings?
Personally, I will exhale on Sunday, June 4, around 9:00 pm. At that point, graduation will have concluded (nice use of the future perfect tense! How often does that happen?), the students will hopefully be on the bus, and then I will wave goodbye to them as the bus doors close and the buses pull away. And then, at that point, the students no longer in my charge. At that point, I will go to the faculty gathering and drink wine and eat lots of coconut shrimp, if there are any left.
In the meantime, yesterday was the last day of classes, and I have my final review session with my intermediate students today in about 30 minutes. They have been GREAT classes. This year, rather than spending the entire final week or two reviewing, I assigned a project. Now, almost any teacher will tell you that the IDEA of a project is often better than the final product. I had major doubts about this project as the students waded into it, and I began to regret that I had not given them more review days. Suprisingly, the final projects were excellent! They were fake news reports; many of the students took a current event and then totally embellished it. One student had me rolling in the aisles of the class with laughter thanks to the "infomercial" for "Bigote en una lata" (Moustache in a can) that he included in his news report. It was actually a great way to end the year with these students.
In the meantime, I am quite excited about the holiday weekend. Major plans abound!

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Anonymous said...

I envy teachers at this time of the year because you have an end date in sight! I am crossing my fingers that June 4 at 9pm comes your way ASAP!