Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer's delay!

Of course, if we consider the 'true' calendar definition of summer, June 21 or something like that, then there is no delay. However, I wrapped up my last day of meetings on Wednesday and fully expected to bounce out of bed on Thursday, wiggle my toes, and suddenly feel the thrill of summer as it unfurls.
There have been a few glitches in this idealized world of mine, however.
First of all, I do still have some work that I need to focus on. I finished up one or two items on Thursday and even had a phone call from work to me at home (WTF?!). This next week, I will help out with a workshop, and eventually I have to pack up my office so that I can move to another space. Joy oh joy!
Then, there is the case of the weather. While I understand that other parts of the country are suffering through record heat and I have no grounds for complaints, the "June gloom", typical of this time of year, has NOT been burning off by mid to late morning. Instead, it hugs tight to the San Gabriels until about 4:00 or 5:00 pm. These gray days leave me feeling seriously unmotivated to bike or hike!
Finally, we've had a serious household crisis around here in the form of one of our dogs' health. We adopted two mature dogs a few years ago, so we knew what we were getting into, more or less, in terms of many years together. However, that knowledge really didn't prepare me for the reality of dealing with a major health scare. After 2 trips to the vet in 24 hours, our dog Gus is feeling somewhat better, but we will be taking him to clinic again on Monday for surgery which we hope will be uncomplicated. This incident has scared Michael and me, and I've shed plenty of tears because of worry, panic and assuming the worst. Gus has stones in his bladder, but one has blocked his urethra, more or less, and that has made this a much more serious situation than it would be. He is on major pain pills and to describe him as "low energy" would be an overstatement. Somehow, his low energy seems to have infected the entire house - we are all on alert, in one way or another, and I feel like talking to Michael only in whispers so that we don't disturb poor Gus.
The surgery also postponed/cancelled a random trip that we had hoped to take as a summer opener. We first planned to go to Utah and hit up Zion and/or Bryce National Parks. Then, after much discussion, we scratched that idea and settled upon the Channel Islands. We even had reservations for a campsite, a boat ride and a kayak. This little trip is on permanent hold with Gus's surgery. As Michael said, the islands will always be there.
As for Gus, I'm more than happy to play nurse for him to make sure that he is as comfortable as he possibly can be.
Here he is, in more spry spirits:
Hanging out en casa...

This is "Gus the Flying Nun". Michael likes to dress him up on occasion!

Chilling on the sidewalks of Boulder, CO!

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kilax said...

Poor Gus! I am happy the surgery was a success. Is that common for dogs? It is common for male cats to get crystals in their urine that block their flow... that happened to our cat a few weeks ago, and despite it happening once before, I was still scared.