Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Signs of summer

There are definite indications that full-on summer mode is just a day or two away! Some of the more obvious choices to mention include graduation on Sunday night, finishing up grades for the year, and rather suddenly finding myself with such an inordinate amount of free time that I can take random naps (like today) and drink martinis on weeknights (like last night). I do still have plenty on my plate for the next few months - it's a myth that teachers take the summer completely off. Another sign of summer I could mention is "June Gloom", that strange LA weather phenomenon that almost makes me wish for a heat wave.
However, I would like to mention a few signs in my own life that indicate that summer is pretty much here. This isn't a top 10 list, although if I ramble on too much beyond that, then I'll condemn myself for self-indulgence. Here goes:
1. Sleeping in just a little bit!
I know that 6:30 am doesn't sound terribly luxurious, but giving myself the extra 45 minutes on a regular basis feels quite indulgent!
2. Along the lines of sleeping in, walking the dogs in the morning.
Michael claims that task during the work-year, so it feels like quite the treat to stroll through the streets and horse paths with our dogs. It tends to be more fun than the afternoon walks too because the squirrels are out and about, so Gus and Milo are usually very excited during the morning walk.
3. Lunch at home.
I love being able to spend the time to make a nice lunch en casa. That also feels like a luxury! So far this week, I've made scrambled eggs with feta and spinach and also open-face cheese sandwiches.
4. Moving all of my work shoes to the back of the closet!
Seriously, I just have open-toed and casual shoes strategically placed, while all of my other shoes are crammed in the back. I hope to not touch them for 3 months. Actually, I can say the same for all of my work clothes. I've banished them for now!
5. Beginning a summer reading list.
My reading habits have suffered greatly over the past two months, so I need/want to kick into gear. I am finally finishing up "Just Kids" by Patti Smith and am more than ready to move on to something different.
6. Fruit!
One of the pluses of living in Southern CA is that we do have good fruit year-round, but there are certain items that make their annual come-back around this time of the year. So far, I have eaten at least 3 watermelons by myself and a few pounds of cherries. Yes, it is summer indeed!
7. Ice cream?
I confess that I do like ice cream, but Michael and I try to control what could easily become an addiction by leaving our house free of ice cream. Somehow, that understanding has shifted, and I've been purchasing lots of Haagen-dazs ice cream for our consumption. Yesterday, I decided that enough was enough, so I bought Dulce de Leche frozen yogurt. I believe that we finished the pint last night!

There are more formal plans for the summer, but these are a few of the everyday joys that I've encountered now that classes have officially wound down. Yes, summer has definitely arrived!


Anonymous said...

1. With Maya at my in-laws place, I slept in until 7am today. It was blissful.

2. I LOVE eating lunch at home. Love it!

3. I just finished "What Remains." It is a fabulous read if you are interested in the lives of the Kennedy's.

4. I don't like ice cream...is that odd?

Happy Summer Kristina! Enjoy all your open toed shoes. :)

Kristina said...

Sounds like you are in full-on summer mode!
I can't believe that you don't like ice cream however!
Enjoy these grey days - I'm so ready for sun.