Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trip to paradise

So, we are on the road again, but there is considerable less running around from place to place to place. Currently, we find ourselves in Boulder, CO. This is our annual or semi-annual trek to what is a paradise for many people. At the very least, people who are "into" the active lifestyle would describe Boulder as something of a Mecca. While I would be loath to put myself in the same category as anyone here in Boulder, I do understand and appreciate how friendly the town/city is to people who are into running, biking, hiking, climbing and other outdoor adventure activities. So, just like every time that we come to visit, a twinge of envy makes me want to leave my half-way decent job and all of that responsibility stuff and just move out to Boulder to become a really awesome biker, climber, hiker while I work at REI and/or a coffeehouse. Never mind the fact that I am pushing the big FOUR ZERO. I am absolutely certain that with time a company - or several companies - would sponsor me once I became super awesome. And I would definitely ride with this team:

This is, of course, Team Garmin Cervélo, only the 2011 Tour de France Team Champions. They are based in Boulder, CO, as are a plethora of other teams and groups. I think that I saw one of their riders out today. Or it was just some dweeb attired head-to-toe in Garmin slogans riding a Cervélo bike.
Not only do I envy the people for their total bad-ass factor and their amazing lungs and legs, I have major road envy. Just this week alone I've put in around 40+ miles on the bike and might even put in another 20+ tomorrow. I consider it a good week in the LA area if I get 20+ miles on the bike! But it is so EASY here - the drivers are bike-friendly, as are the roads, with their super nice wide shoulders and bike lanes, as they ondulate through the countryside just outside of the town limits, offering great scenery that I can drink in for hours.
Michael asked me today on our ride, "Would you move just for this?"
Hell, yes, if I didn't have to worry about things like money.
In the meantime, I will pretend that I'm almost as cool as all these über-fit, active people, and maybe I'll appreciate my trips to this outdoor Mecca even more than all those geeks who just live here!

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