Friday, March 16, 2012

On tap for the weekend!

I gleefully left work this afternoon, so ecstatic that I survived the crappy week that I almost ran home.  While I've been more than aware of my crappy mood, apparently other people took note.  Someone mentioned that I seemed to have a "black cloud over [my] head these days".  Nothing like a Friday to keep the black cloud at bay.
Speaking of running, the weekend has started out on a very positive note so far: one 10k (two loops around the Rose Bowl) at a decent clip for me.  It's been a while that I actually tried to run fast, and to do so for 6 miles or so was definitely a challenge.  Upon returning home, I scarfed down a ton of food, iced my knee, and then took a nap.
As I said, a great beginning!
On the agenda for the rest of the weekend:
- Pizza tonight, Mexican tomorrow night, and good conversations with friends.  I realize that the food choices definitely contradict my affirmation yesterday that I'm working on being an adult since I clearly am eating like a teenager.  The only difference is that Ican drink legally.  Obviously there are plenty of teenagers who drink, but I do hope that my drink choices are better than theirs.  But, yes, pizza and Mexican food and hanging with friends - how can it get any better than that?
- Heal the Bay Beach clean-up tomorrow morning.  This wouldn't be much to write about, except that the first winter storm all winter (or so it seems) is supposed to hit the Southern CA area, bringing with it tons of wind and rain.  So, yeah, cleaning up the beach while the rain is pelting us?  It sounds kind of appealing.  I will definitely be in head-to-toe Gortex.  Ah, these are the times that I am thankful that I lived in Seattle for two years.
- A 90-minute-spin session.  The studio shot out an email announcing that, because of the rain, they would offer a not-usually scheduled class tomorrow afternoon.  I haven't been to a class taught by this instructor, but apparently he is a cyclist, not *just* a spin instructor (nothing wrong with people who just spin, but I've found that it's a different experience).  Anyway, I'm psyched about it and also nervous that the class is going to kick my butt.
While I do have a stack of papers to wade through, these activities do make me feel buoyed, giving me a certain amount of confidence that I *will* make it to next week!


mindful mule said...

“I love it when a [good weekend] plan comes together.”

Kalli said...

oh i so hope your weekend turned out perfect. with those plans it sounds like it might have :) here's to another week at work! hang in there :)

Ameena said...

You are an inspiration...Heal the Bay and a 90-minute spin session? Impressive. I could barely get out of bed on Saturday. :)

Have a fabulous week my friend. Hope that it's a better one for you.

Kristina said...

Rob - I feel like lots of great plans came together this weekend!

Kalli - it was pretty perfect. I'm so impressed that you got in a 13 mile run on Saturday. Total bad-ass!

Ameena - I'm looking forward to a vacation soon. That is a major motivator!