Thursday, May 3, 2012

A belated May Day!

I'm a few days late to the "welcome in the month of May" party, which is fine because I was not in much of a welcoming or party mood on May 1st or even yesterday, both of which were grey, rainy, and just dismal days in general.  This wasn't an early showing of "June gloom" but all-day drizzle that put me into something of a funk.
Now that the forecast has cleared up and it's Thursday, I feel more prepared to embrace the month and all of its possibilities, good and bad.  Since my calf issue seems to be waning, I can spend some mental energy positively thinking about the weekend and the month.  Because there ARE more positives this month than negatives.
While I'd like to ignore the elephant in the room and not mention two "W" words at all (work and Wildflower), that would be silly.  So, in regards to the first topic, I will say that I feel something of a let-up in terms of stress.  I have tons of administrative crap to tend to over the next few weeks, but we're on the downward slide in terms of content and even school days.   Because of that slight sense that the end of the year nears, my thoughts have started to wander to June and a trip that we just started to officially plan, after talking about it for the past few months.
As for the second "W" which looms - Sunday is race day, and I'm finally over the mental and physical slump I experienced earlier this week and am now looking forward to it.  Michael has reminded me time and time again that I am at a different place than I was last year, in a positive way, and I'm now getting excited just thinking about the energy of the race and how beautiful it is there.  I admit that I've also planned out my dinner on Friday and Sunday night, and I can't wait for a nice meal Saturday night in Paso Robles.  Yah, we're obviously not camping after last year's aborted attempt!
Not that I'm looking too much beyond this weekend, but there is another race at the end of the month that will be a great way to almost-officially kick off the summer months.  Throw in a friend's weekend visit mid-month which will include good food and drink, I think that we are set!


Kalli said...

ha ha i feel the same way! could not think straight until today! so happy the weather has cleared a bit too and i am so glad you are looking forward to your race :) can't wait to hear about it! i signed up for cruisin the conejo on saturday. a 68 mile road ride. looking forward to blwoing off some steam for sure. cst's have been crazy! good luck with your race!

Kimra said...

I'm sure that trying to find a person you don't know at Wildflower is craziness, so I will say "good luck!" from over here. Just in case, though, I'm camping with the Golden Gate Triathlon Club, wherever on earth our tents are set up, and starting whenever 30-year-old women start. Jealous of your hotel plans!

Kristina said...

Glad that you are feeling less stress! The ride sounds great - I really want to do a century one of these days (not too soon, however!). Thanks for the positive thoughts!

Thanks for the wishes and good luck to you too! I'll be in the 40-year-old women start (it's a late start, probably after 10:30). You'll have fun camping - so hard core!