Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slugfest 2012 is over!

Just so that this is all clear, my definition of slugfest has less to do with this:

And much more to do with this:

The only thing missing is a beer or a huge margarita!

Let's just say that last week and the weekend provided me with ample opportunity to eat and drink and  indulge myself.  I got a massage (although holy hell it hurt!) and am currently sporting some light turquoise toenails thanks to a good friend who treated me to a pedicure.  Other than the awesome color, I also caught up on all of the gossip magazines while at the nail salon.  Apparently I live under a rock since I didn't know that Jessica Simpson was preggers.  Hmmmm, interesting?  I suppose that I should head to the nail salon if I want to keep up on my celebrity gossip.
Sunday rolled around, and I promised myself that I would get in a bike ride since it had been since May 6 that I'd spent any time in the saddle.  It was, however, hot as hell, even in the late afternoon.  Yes, I suck, but I'm over it because on Monday morning, I managed to crawl out of bed at around 5:00 am and I hit the pool.  Then, I finished off the day with a run, a good one too, especially for a Monday. I think that the lazy week (or week-and-a-half) was a necessary break, but I'm looking forward to a race this Saturday and yet another in June.  'Tis the season, so I'd better banish my slug-like tendency until August rolls around! 


Kalli said...

christine, what race are you doing this weekend? when is school out for you? i never pay any attention to gossip either! love that you have been taking it easy and now feel recharged!

Kristina said...

The race is this crazy trail race - the Mt. Wilson run. I'm not sure how recharged I feel, but it's been nice to be a slug in a lot of ways.
How about you? When do you wind down?

mindful mule said...

Slug be gone - 24 hours ‘til Wilson!

Ameena said...

Jessica Simpson was one of those people who seemed like they were pregnant FOREVER. I swear, I just had no idea if it was 40 weeks or 3 X that.

I so need a massage!

Hope you are having a great long weekend...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where your post went, but my hubby (who is also a teacher) is experience some irrational exuberance himself! Enjoy the weekend.

Kristina said...

Ameena - Thanks for letting me know that I missed nothing by not keeping up with Jessica Simpson.

Chezjulie - Maybe the post is back? Yes, irrational exuberance can be such a good thing! Hope that you had a good weekend.