Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trippin' 2012!

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Summer definitely snuck up on us, and suddenly our summer plans were no longer "plans" but a reality. I finished up a few loose ends on Tuesday, and then we found ourselves in the car, heading north early Wednesday morning. While we travel plenty by car these days, it has been a few years since we've taken an actually road trip. You know, the trip is about the drive, the journey, the experience, not the destination. As over-used a metaphor as it is, it is nice to think and reflect about all the possibilities, the openness, the freedom to stop and explore.

Heading north on Wednesday, we moved at a good clip through the San Joaquin Valley, not stopping until we put some distance between ourselves and home. It's a fairly boring drive until north of Sacramento. Around Redding, Mt Shasta pops up - or looms- in the distance, at first a bit of a shadow and then making its presence more than known. At that point, it seemed that we were true travelers, that we had entered another another time. We just left that morning, but time and space did not obey the usual rules. Surely we'd been on the road for two days already if not more?

Despite the long day on the road Wednesday, it was more than worth it to spend the night in Klamath Falls, OR, a sleepy town just north of the state border. On Thursday, we headed west to the coast where we spent two completely relaxing days. We walked on different beaches, watched seals and sea lions, and took in one dramatic view after another.

Life is moving at a different pace these days, and it is a welcome, if only temporary, change.

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