Monday, June 4, 2012

TRD - Total Rest Day

Or "True Rest Day".  Whatever.  All I know is that today fulfilled my notion of a true/total REST day.  The first of the month!

Despite the exclamation point, I feel somewhat conflicted about taking what seems to me to be yet another rest day.  Jotting down last week's schedule, I noted that both Tuesday and Thursday fit the 'rest day' bill since I did not swim, bike nor run.  However, when I gave it a bit more thought, I realized that Tuesday was "a pack up my gear, head to a camp ground with a few dozen students and some of my colleagues, proceed to settle in for a few days, and then participate in some fun activities such as sailing and evening yoga" type-of-a-day.  Restful, not really at all.  Thursday followed an evening aquathon and also involved several miles of walking to the beach twice and spending far too much time in the sun.  While neither day would qualify as a "good-work-out" day, I also hesitate to claim them as rest days as there was little that I could describe as truly restful about them.

Today, however, is a different case.  While I did not laze around in bed, unless the 6:00 am hour is late, I did not have to rush out of the house.  A relaxing cup of coffee and breakfast while I listened to NPR's morning edition allowed me to enjoy the morning, even as I finished grading a final stack of exams.  I followed that with a lunch out with a few colleagues to review the year - definitely a necessity, especially accompanied with french fries!  The evening has rolled around as I sip a Racer 5 IPA and work on a few more odds and ends for the close of the academic year.  This seems like the perfect day to acknowledge that I've more or less survived the year!

As the next weeks roll by, I do need to get back to a major training plan.  I keep ignoring my proverbial "elephant in the room", that little race in Boulder, CO that is about 8 weeks out.  In the meantime, I plan to fully enjoy the rest of the evening before a little swim/bike action tomorrow morning!


mindful mule said...

An “active rest” day is probably better than a full day of zombie-couch, anyway. Just as Racer 5 is better than most beers.

Kristina said...

Racer 5 seems to have become quite the "go-to" beer in our household! I'm not sure that I could do a full day of zombie-couch, but I might try it at some point!