Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boulder Stroke and Stride: Foiled again!

As the days tick by, I am trying to balance my anxiety about Sunday's race as I enjoy tapering - definitely more resting this week!  I did sign up for the Boulder Stroke and Stride, a weekly event that is either a swim/run or just a run.  It seemed like a good opportunity for me to squeeze in one more open water swim before Sunday.  Also, I participated in the event last year and my experience - or performance - was less than stellar.  I signed up for the 1500 meter swim + 5K run and then bumped myself down to the 750 meter swim.  It ended up being a challenging swim, not because of the conditions but because of the altitude.  So, I wanted redemption this year - I hoped to build my confidence for Sunday with a solid swim followed by a nice, easy run.

Unfortunately, things did not work out like I hoped!  The good news (I suppose) is that this had nothing to do with my performance in the water which was non-existent.  Seriously.  So much for that open water practice swim!  I'm actually surprised that I even went to the Boulder Rez yesterday - there were thunderstorms threatening all afternoon, and around 4:00 the sky opened up and it started to pour.  "Good!" I thought, hoping that the thunderstorms would blow through, leaving clear conditions for 6:00 pm.  By 5:15, however, the rain started again, along with thunder and lightening.  No way was the swim happening.  So, I geared up in running clothes and headed to the Boulder Rez, driving towards the dark clouds and not even sure about the run.  Once I arrived, I heard the announcer talking about the swim rules - GRRRRR!  The swim was happening and I did not bring any of my swim gear.  Nor did I have time to return for it.  Total fail!

Well, I still did the run, which was low-key, especially considering that there were about 12 of us who only ran the 5K.  I came in first in my age group - out of two!  I held a faster pace than I've been seeing lately, but I certainly did not go "all out".  So, I came home with a cool t-shirt, a failed swim and a somewhat slow run.  Not a total wash, but certainly not the experience for which I had hoped.

As I gear up for a swim in the Rez this morning (my last before Sunday!), I'm shaking my head at myself, but I've also shrugged it off, to a certain degree.  If the swim had not gone well, then, rather than building my confidence, it would probably be shot right about now.  I know that I can do a 1.2 mile swim - it might be slower than I would like but I think that much of Sunday will be a bit slower than I'd "like".

So, maybe I'll have the experience that I want at next year's Stroke and Stride - vamos a ver!

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