Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Recovery" in Nicaragua

As I mentioned earlier, I had an ambitious plan for August, a plan that included the Boulder race which would quickly be followed by a trip to Nicaragua, and I felt somewhat trepidatious about the outcomes of both of these experiences.  As I reported earlier, the race in Boulder went really really well, and I was more or less on a good high for about 24 hours.  Despite being tired, my body did not ache terribly, and I seemed to bounce back from the race without too many issues (could have pushed it a bit more, obviously).  I was, however, a bit concerned about traveling to Nicaragua after only one day of rest, and when I left Denver on Tuesday morning, I also felt somewhat resentful that I had to interrupt my post-race celebration by heading to the developing world to actually work! 

Looking back, however, I believe that it may have been one of the best decisions that I made.  While the Boulder race experience was awesome, it was a completely selfish endeavor.  I don´t think that selfishness is necessarily bad, but I spent plenty of time this summer (and in the spring) prioritizing my schedule and my "needs".  Being here in Nicaragua is not relaxing, although I am certainly not working out (unless physical labor counts as a workout), but it has allowed me to shift gears and to focus on different goals and to put other people´s needs and schedules above my own.  Even better, I have thoroughly enjoyed the country and am beginning to make plans to return on my own next summer to see and experience more of Nicaragua and its people and culture.

I must confess, however, that I am looking forward to the weekend.  We´ve principally been in the Managua area, and we head to the Pacific coast this weekend to a resort.  I´ve never been to an all-inclusive resort and have no idea whether I will like the experience or not.  I am, however, excited to be close to a beautiful beach and also enjoy what is supposedly the largest pool in Central America!  I also hope that they make a good mojito because I have visions of myself drinking several of them...

This might be my "true" recovery, not just from Boulder 70.3 but from the past 10 days or so!


ChezJulie said...

Sounds great. It is probably a recovery of sorts to get out of your head, see new things, and do good works. Have you seen any cool birds? My parents went birding in Central America once.

Kristina said...

Yes - definitely good to get out of my head! That is a great way of putting it. I missed the excursion that included more "eco-tourism", but I can add that to my growing "things to do next summer when I´m in Nicaragua" list!