Sunday, March 31, 2013

End of March notes

Yes, it's the ubiquitous "end of the month" post, but considering what a bear the month has been, I'm happy to celebrate that March is over, even though April is kind of frightening, especially considering the fact that we're back at the grind tomorrow after a lovely week off.  Spring Break, I hardly knew ya!  Seriously, it felt like the fastest week that I've had in a very long time and poof!  It is over!  I spent more time than I had all month in the saddle - cheers to getting out and biking a bit.  I'm still slow as molasses and probably look like a total wreck when I'm on the bike, but I swear my confidence and bike handling skills have improved.  I invested in new shoes at the beginning of the month, and in a month of lots of purchases (like appliances), the shoes made me happy when I bought them and I love riding in them, even though they haven't made me speedier.

In the midst of packing and planning to move, Michael and I went to Chicago for a whirlwind trip to visit some of his relatives.  It was cold to us, coming from SoCal, but we couldn't complain (and I tried not to!).  We spent plenty of time being tourists, took in some culture and ate great food.  We also watched lots of basketball with his cousin and cousin's family, and I enjoyed a nice run on Friday morning along the lake.  It was somewhat chilly but once I got going, I warmed up and enjoyed the views.  I know that we have the ocean, nothing to take lightly at all, but the lake right there, right at the city's edge is so great.  We probably most enjoyed just walking around the city, looking at the brownstones and other buildings and watching the light change, especially in the morning and the late afternoon.

We returned yesterday afternoon, greeted by happy dogs and lots of boxes, some full and others just waiting.  I set out on my last ride (probably) from this front door and felt strangely nostalgic. At the same time, I can't wait to explore new routes.  We aren't moving far, by any means, but I am looking at this as a good opportunity to change up some of the patterns into which I've settled.  This applies to running and biking, but also to a wider array of topics.  I think that our life is about to change!


kilax said...

Aww, I am happy you got a lakefront run in! Why didn't I think to ask you that?!

Hope your week back was okay! :)

Kristina said...

Kim - Running on the lake was really amazing. Chicago in general totally impressed me. I'm sure that the weather helped though!