Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February - Where did you go?

So, I'm totally torn about the fact that we are now in March and the days keep marching along (ha ha, I couldn't resist).  Right now, I'm feeling a bit like our dog Milo:

You know, grumpy, humiliated and out of sorts because he's wearing a costume!  (It's amazing what you find when you start cleaning and clearing out as you have to move all of your shit!)

Okay, I have no costumes on, but things are kind of starting to freak me out.  The move is really happening.  We emptied our bank accounts.  We bought a house.  We are adults.  We have a lot of stuff to do.

But before I freak out about all of the changes that are taking place and will take place, I'd like to reflect for a moment on the month of February which was a pretty dam good month! School-wise, it felt like a long month, despite being short.  But, like most good things, I didn't know how great it was until it had passed me by.  I will say that the first weekend of March was pretty awesome too, but back to February - we went out a ton, saw good friends, had a long weekend, ate and drank well, and enjoyed some terrific weather.  What more do I need to say?

As for my priorities (more on the priorities thing in another post), I managed to focus more on training than I expected without feeling that I was "focused".  At the end of January, I reacquainted myself with my bike and remembered how much fun it is to spend time in the saddle!  As I've already written, my running has come back in a way that makes me very happy, although I'm still a bit worried about the occasional plantar fasciitis flare-up and take steps to mitigate that possibility.  Finally, swimming - well, I started to swim with a work colleague and she kicks my ass and makes me go faster and harder.  It's a humiliating experience, but I do think that I push myself way more because of her.  Also, she's a former D1 swimmer and still coaches, so she has great ideas for different sets.  Today, for example, we met at 5:30 am (ugh) and she had us do lots of 75s and then a 300 set that focused on breathing and then 25s that also focused on breathing (taking 3 breaths, then 2 breaths, then 1 breath then 0 breath - a different kind of challenge!).

The funny thing about my 'training' at this point - first of all, I don't think it's all that focused, in part because I've been afraid that I'd feel totally burned out by the summer, exactly the time when I need to kick it up, if I had a MAJOR PLAN.  So, no set plan but plenty of swim, bike, run.  More importantly,  I've really enjoyed the training I've done, and, when I look back on where I was last year at this time, I am - knock on wood - at a better place in terms of speed and distance and just how I feel in general.  I didn't plan on comparing, but out of curiosity, I took a glance at my very informal training log from last year (an agenda, I'm so old-school), and I'm kicking my own ass!  

Of course, all of this could change and devolve in the month of March which appears, at this point, to be a beast.  At least people aren't dressing me up in terrible costumes, taking pictures of me and posting them on the internet.  Life could be worse!

On a final note - Milos AND Gus, equally indignant and humiliated.  Happy packing to us all!


Molly said...

Congratulations on the house!!! How exciting (and scary, yes)!! Good luck with the move.

mindful mule said...

Ah, yes, the No Plan Plan - very Zen!

Kristina said...

Molly - Yes, exciting and scary! I guess everything that is big and audacious is veers a bit to the scary part.

Rob - I do have a 'loose' plan on a weekly basis, but it's nice that it isn't a PLAN! And I'm still pretty content with my no Mt. Wilson decision too - also a Zen approach.

kilax said...

I love all the dog pics!

I think not "focusing" now to prevent summer burnout is really smart. And damn, even though that coworker makes you feel slow, what a great resource!

Kristina said...

Ah, the dog pics - always a favorite, especially if they're wearing silly costumes.
The lack of focus feels good, especially now that life seems to have really kicked into overdrive with house stuff.