Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new relationship (I think it's love!)

I was going to mention this sooner, but then I felt shy about sharing too much too soon.  Last week in San Francisco, I developed a huge crush.  Fell hard and fast and acted impulsively.  And then I started to worry - what if this isn't the real deal?  What if I jumped too soon into a new relationship?  What if it doesn't work out?
However, after today, I think that we'll be okay.  In fact, we'll be more than okay - we're going to have a great time together, for years and years, I hope!  With that vote of confidence, I should introduce the new love of my life:

Yes, ahem, I got a new bike, and it still makes me want to do a very-excited-giddy-happy-dance!  I also kind of start to hyperventilate when I think about how much money I just invested in it, but then I think about how we, this bike and I, are going to share so much together!  
I should also say that I had no intentions of getting a bike in San Francisco.  In fact, I had put the whole "I need/want a new bike" thing on the backburner.  While I was still dropping little hints to Michael about a new bike, I had accepted the fact that it probably wouldn't happen.  Really. Then, we went out to lunch in Marin with my friend, Rachel, who is an avid cyclist, and Michael suggested that we go to the bike store that she frequents, Sunshine Bicycle Center in Fairfax, CA.  I walk into this tiny place full of gear and bikes and announce to the bike guy who approaches us, "I'm just looking.  I'm definitely not getting a bike today!".  And about 90 minutes later, I walked out of that shop, the sheepishly proud and excited owner of a new bike.  Yes, it was an impulse buy in many ways, but it was so great to be there with a friend who went out with me while I tested out 3 different bikes, 2 of them 2-3 times, and would ask me questions about how I was feeling.  She also is far more experienced than I and could look at me and give me a good assessment about the fit.  I was definitely NOT dressed for a test-ride in my jeans and Doc Marten's, but even with such sporty clothes, I could feel how zippy and tight this bike was.  A serious upgrade.  Was I ready for it?  Well, I took the plunge, partly because the price was so much better than anything I had seen in the LA area and partly because I had a huge crush on this bike.  
As soon as we pulled into the driveway at our place on Tuesday afternoon, I grabbed my other bike, my lavender and white floral Fuji*, and took both of them down to the local bike shop where they swapped out the pedal system in about 5 minutes.  And then I took my bike out (yes, it has a name, but we're both shy) for a quick spin around the neighborhood.  I was so nervous!  Definitely like that "first kiss" when things are kind of awkward and don't go quite as you planned.  Not that there was anything "off", but the chain did slip, and on the first few hills I felt a little pain twinge in my left knee.  Still, I wasn't about to give up hope on my bike!
So, I nervously (I know, I'm crazy, who gets nervous going out on a bike ride when it's a sweet new toy?) got back on the new bike today.  The first few miles were still a bit shaky - there was tons of traffic, the wind was picking up, a lot was going on with other cyclists, yikes!  And then I settled down, did a couple of nice climbs, hit some rolling hills and started to feel GOOD on the bike, enjoying how responsive it is, how powerful it feels on the climbs and sharp on the descent.  Oh, boy, this is definitely love!

So, yeah, meet Sunshine.  I know, Sunshine.  The name is kind of cheesy, but it reminds me of the store where I bought it and of Colorado and Sunshine Canyon (where I got married), and it makes me smile, just like a beautiful day.

*Side note about the Fuji.  I do feel that I could have stuck with it for another year, maybe even two.  I definitely acquired it as a "starter" bike, wanting to see if I took to biking or vice versa.  To be frank, I've never just LOVED it like I seem to already love the Trek, and it doesn't entirely have to do with the fact that the Trek is a nicer bike.  To be totally frank, the purple and white color combination plus floral detailing just never rocked my world.  So, yes, I'm pretty psyched about how my new bike feels, but to be honest, I'm just as excited about the colors which feel way more "me".  Thank goodness I didn't invest in a bunch of purple or pink cycling clothing, except the pink socks that I'm rocking in that picture!


ChezJulie said...

I hope you and Sunshine will be very happy together! Sounds like you're getting used to each other.

kilax said...

Yay! Sunshine! I hope the ride feels a lot better than Fuji, along with the style/decal upgrade! :)

I'd love to try a road bike someday. I wonder how much faster I could go than on my mountain bike!

Kristina said...

ChezJulie - Yeah, we're definitely getting used to each other, but I think that SOME of the butterflies in my stomach have calmed down.

Kim - OMG (I sound like the kids I teach), the ride feels amazing! I haven't ever gotten into mt. biking, but I know from other people that it's a really different "feel". What is great is that you CAN go super fast! Especially if you're used to a mountain bike.

Chris said...

When I moved to SF, I told myself no more bikes too - because I certainly didn't have room in my apartment. But my bike wasn't really working for me either, esp. not for commuting. So I got a folding bike that's great for the hills and my non-existent storage space. Haven't named it yet though...

Kimra said...

Ooh, pretty. Glad you're past the awkward first kiss and into the swoon-y hand-holding part of the relationship!

Kristina said...

I have to admit that I have biking envy whenever I go to SF. It seems like a friendlier area than its southern cousin! Folding bike - way cool!

Yeah, the awkward kiss moment was not so much fun. Definitely hope that the swoony part lasts a while!

mindful mule said...

Holy smokes! Nice bike. Congrats. I like its (his/her?) name. What model is that? What do you suppose you’ll do with your old bike or will you be following the n+1 equation for bike collecting? Super congrats – I hope you ride a million miles… And this better not be an April Fools Day bit!

Kristina said...

Definitely NOT an April fools joke. I kind of forgot that it was April Fool's day yesterday. I've got to make some decisions about the Fuji... The model is a Trek Madone, and I'm still a bit freaked out that I bought it!
On other topics, we need to plan Mt. Wilson and Amigos soon!

Ameena said...

I am so inspired to dig out my bike, give it a name, inflate the tires, and go for a ride.

This post made me laugh!

Kalli said...

Oh I love this! Congrats on sunshine !!!! I was swooning over a new bike yesterday after my ride but hubs says I need to wait and that Stella is still a good bike :)

Kristina said...

I hope that you've inflated your tires and gone for a ride - and if not yet, then do it this weekend!

Ooh, I like Stella! I just got a new seat for Sunshine today and that is a pretty amazing change!