Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's rising and converging - crazy dreams

As luck would have it, the two major "events" of my spring happen to fall within a day or two of each other - May 6 and May 8.  I knew this when I signed up for the Wilflower tri, but I decided that I didn't want my students' exam performance to dictate my personal goals.  So, I will be pushing myself on Sunday, and then on Tuesday, I will keep my fingers crossed that my students push themselves and perform well on their exams.  Fun times.  I do work with a motivated and intelligent group of kids, so most of them won't slack off.
Still, if I could have planned it, I would have at least spaced the dates apart by about a week just to give myself some breathing room.  This would be particularly nice as I've started to have weird stress dreams about BOTH!  Last night, for example, I totally had a crazy dream about Wildflower.  I won't go into great detail, but it involved most of my bike and my backpack getting stolen while in what I thought was the transition area.  Seriously - they didn't take the entire bike, just parts of it.  I found the other parts littering the transition area (which wasn't really the Wildflower transition area, but somehow it was to my subconscious).  So, I ended up finding some pieces and thought that I could 'race' but I didn't start until 3:00 pm!  Bizarre, I know.
As for my students' performance, apparently I do have some low-grade (or higher) anxiety there too since I had a dream that several of my best students decided not to take the exam because they were going to try out for American Idol.  Now, this is a show that I have never even watched, but it has embedded itself in my psyche?!
I suppose both of the dates are nearing, and, for both of them, I have dedicated much time and energy.  Ultimately, with both of them, luck plays a large role, so it's a 'wait-and-see' game for a while.  And lots of crazy dreams, it seems!
Speaking of dreams, I'll leave you with this image by Remedios Varo:
Don't be deceived thinking that there is no connection between this painting and my crazy dreams - the title is, after all, "Woman Walking out of the Psychoanalyst".


ChezJulie said...

I love the dream that your best students were going to skip the exam to try out for American Idol. I work at a university and I can totally see the students doing that!

Kristina said...

Yeah - I actually can't see most of my students doing that, it would be the 1%, which made the dream that much funnier.