Monday, May 18, 2015

IM Boulder - Training!

While I signed up for IM Boulder in August of last year (crazy?!), I only now feel that I am 'officially' training for that particular race.  I've only just realized the blessing of St. George 70.3.  While it wasn't my "A" race, it did keep me more or less on top of my training and I've found that I need some sort of mid-way goal, or I have this year, at least.  Last year, I think that I wrapped my mind around IM Coeur d'Alene and made that THE goal, but this year, there is so much going on with me life-wise that an intermediate or mid-way goal really helped.  Otherwise, the 'base training' probably wouldn't have ever happened!

However, base training has officially ended and I'm now building - and I miss the base training!  I know that I shouldn't compare myself to other people, and I try not to, but I'm really "comfortable" at around 10-12 hours of training a week.  Once I start to train over 12 hours, I really do feel it.  Also, my recovery from St. George didn't even last a full week!  I was back to a long tempo run and then a long brick (4 hour ride, 80 minute run) a week after the race.  Last Sunday, I thought to myself - "You're not in Kansas anymore".  Okay, it's lame to quote the Wizard of Oz, but I was officially out of my comfort zone with that workout.  I really did try to have a positive attitude, but I started the running with heavy legs and I ended the run with heavy legs.  It was about 10x harder than the St. George run was!

This week, plenty of ups and downs and new challenges.  I felt equally blessed and cursed on Saturday to ride part of the Tour de California Stage 7 course - up GMR (Glendora Mountain Road) which I'd done twice before, but then, for the first time, I kept climbing up to Mt. Baldy Village. The Tour finished at the Mt. Baldy ski lifts, but it was the COLDEST RIDE EVER - so the two other ladies and I riding together made a group decision - to not climb the extra 1,000 feet to the ski lifts.  Even though we didn't make it to the ski lifts, it was a  fantastic ride up to Mt. Baldy Village, and it was amazing to see so many cyclists and fans of cycling in Southern CA.  If I had been better prepared (had more clothes) and had more time, I definitely would have stuck around to see the pros go through, but it was a great ride no matter what.

 This is before we started climbing - and it looks like I have something weird growing out of my helmet, but not so!

Finally, on Sunday, I had my first double-run day EVER.  I actually thought that it was a mistake on my schedule until I read the information about said run.  Nope, not a mistake.  Honestly, the afternoon run felt better than the first run of the day, so I decided that double run days might be okay.  However, this is all new territory for me, which maybe is the point?  Yes, I managed an IM distance race last year and loved the experience, but now that I know that I can do the distance, pushing a bit more and going a bit harder is the challenge.

And, if that's not enough, taking in sights like these should be both the means and the end:
Huge shout out to CalTri and Harrison Shao for the Epic Ride on Saturday!


mindful mule said...

Baldy! Nice. Way to step up the training…

Is there a ColoTri Club you're transferring to?

Kristina said...

Rob - The Baldy ride was fun (and I'm sorry I didn't coordinate with you. To be honest, I wasn't sure that I'd really get to the ride, especially with the iffy weather). Also, the climb to Mt. Baldy Village wasn't too bad - yes, it was hard but I never felt like I *couldn't* do it. Going on to the ski lifts might have been a different story though.

And.. I'll figure out training in Colorado. I'll have plenty of cycling partners, so that will be fun, but it will probably take a while to find a group of people that I connect with. I will definitely miss the community here - I love going for a run or ride and bumping into people unexpectedly.

One Crazy Penguin said...

I really want to do an Ironman at some point, but the amount of training time scares me. I can do 10-15 hours pretty easily. Anything above 15 is going to be really hard. You've got this though!

Kristina said...

Tiina - I have to say that I have pretty low IM training hours. Most weeks are under 15 (I think I've only had 1 14-hour week in this cycle). I'll get to the 15-20 hour week, but probably just once or twice. My body cannot sustain that level of activity. Everyone is different, and some people seem to enjoy MORE training, but I am definitely a "less-is-more" person!
That said, I do feel a difference, mainly with the longer rides and runs.

erin said...

That view… absolutely gorgeous! And, welcome to double run days! The hardest part for me is sometimes finding the motivation to get back out for run two late in the day when it would be nice to keep my feet up and relax :) Keep rocking your training!

Kristina said...

Erin - I'm not sure if this was a "rock your training" week, but that's okay. The double days and the longer bricks have been interesting experiences. Harder than most races, to be honest, so maybe it's good training?
I can't wait to hear about IMCdA for you. Good luck with your final few weeks!

Michaela said...

Just now catching up on your blog! I agree -- it is so hard not to compare yourself and your training plan to what other people are doing and wonder if you are doing enough. I often find myself doing this with my teammates and it makes me second-guess myself. But I think we just have to keep reminding ourselves that everyone is different -- every body has its strengths and limits and ways of working best.