Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"The heat, my God, the heat!"

If you can identify that quote from Elaine (of "Seinfeld" fame, do I need to say more?), then kudos to you. I actually remember seeing that episode (the one when she discovers that Puddy is religious) when the show was prime-time. Wow, does that ever age me!
In this case, I'm not referring to my eternal damnation. I can leave that for another day, thank you very much.
This is a much more literal reference, to the mercury that is SOARING! I suppose it soared and peaked and has now dropped about ten degrees, so I can enjoy the fact that it's only 95 or 96 f-ing degrees instead of 106 or even 111. Seriously, Michael and I actually went to the gym yesterday afternoon because we needed to get out of the house but couldn't imagine anything else, and the car thermometer bounced between 112 and 113. I thought that maybe it had broken, but then I saw the news which couldn't do much more except report on the record-breaking temperatures.
These are the times that I hate living in Southern CA.
I suppose it happens everywhere, those days that trick you into believing that you can put away sandals and breezy little skirts. But it is RIDICULOUS, I think, to go from 70 degrees as the high one day, and then just 2 or 3 days later, you don't even want to leave the house because it feels like a furnace outside!
I realize that this is a pretty boring topic - the weather. But I hate that people in other parts of the country can wax poetically these days about fall and the crisp temperatures while I've cancelled all weekend plans to do anything outside because it's so f-ing hot.
The good news is that there is a downward trend in temperatures and that, so far, there are no fires (there was one yesterday, but they seem to have it under control). Oh joy, oh joy!


Kim said...

This heat wave really freaked me out. It was just so bizarre. I've never seen it so hot in Orange County, and then I heard the record highs in Los Angeles. Yikes. I did look ahead to next week and it appears it will cool down. Fingers crossed.

kilax said...

I love Seinfeld.

Don't worry, between our crisp 60 degree days last week, we had two in the 90s. WTH?!

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Your post cracked me up, just b/c I totally get your frustration... Although I love summery weather, that's a bit much. It's even unseasonably warm and humid here in Massachusetts, not that that makes you feel any better, I'm sure... I hope things change there soon!