Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grateful for a lazy Sunday

So, we were supposed to meet up with some friends for brunch, but they ended up canceling on us. While I was disappointed that we couldn't catch up with them (they live about an hour away, but we all seem to have busy schedules, so I haven't seen them since August!), the entire day suddenly opened up. We opted not to run to the farmer's market but to laze around in bed, getting up at the VERY LATE hour of 8:00 am! I've putzed around the house today - grading, washing the dogs, will do some reading for pleasure later...
It struck me that we have kept a fast-pace life as of late and that this is the first entirely FREE weekend day that we've had for well over a month. That, I think, is pathetic. As a teacher, I am well aware of the dangers of over-scheduling students and of parents who cram their kids' schedules with practices, rehearsals, tutoring sessions, games... It is often a dizzying juggling act that these kids perform. I, on the other hand, assume that since we don't have kids, it is impossible for us to be overscheduled.
How wrong can I be? Between trips out of town, birthday celebrations, social engagements, school events and responsibilities, Michael taking classes and my training and trying to be somewhat in shape, we have been scheduled to the max. So, this weekend has offered us a welcome change of pace. I took Friday off from any sort of PT, running, swimming or biking, nor did I attend a single school sporting event. Yesterday was not so footloose and fancy-free as I attended a 5-hour bike clinic at a local REI from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. One of my goals/hopes/expectations in 2011 is to better understand my bike. I would also like to learn how to change an effing tire. The class did give me greater insight to my bike and how it works, but it did not teach me the mad skills that I need in case I blow out my tire. Sigh. I will have to watch some web tutorials, me thinks! Still, I found the class interesting, and it is SO good for me to be a student. It reminds me of my own students' daily experience and how exhausting learning is. And I was just learning about a bike, not multivariable calculus or the imperfect subjunctive!
So, that was yesterday. Today - nothing that I *have* to do. Total bliss.
Michael and I have taken advantage of the less-structured weekend by cooking a few not-standard dishes. I feel that we can get into a rut with our cooking where we just pull out one of the three Mark Bittman cookbooks that we have OR we just grill fish OR roast some vegetables. This weekend, I fully enjoyed some time in the kitchen. Friday, I made this pea and prosciutto risotto, substituting the prosciutto with pancetta which we had on hand and worked very nicely! Last night, Michael and I combined our mad talents and whipped up enchiladas with this awesome sauce. I give Michael full credit for our foray into Mexican sauces - he's been experimenting with green and red sauces and different chiles for the past few years and has had great success on many occasions. The best thing about both of these dishes - leftovers for the next few days (lunches and dinners this week)! Finally, I decided to get into the kitchen and bake yesterday, attempting red velvet cupcakes for the first time ever. They were based on this recipe from, and while I decided not to photograph the event or the final product, they ARE very tasty!
So, cheers to a lazy Sunday - I think I should plan more of these!


Anonymous said...

I am all for a lazy Sunday - too bad these only happen when I can somehow farm out my daughter and husband. There is something inherently wrong with this but it's the truth!!

I totally need a bike clinic too. I haven't been on my bike since last year because it has a flat and I have no idea how to deal with it. So ridiculous, I know.

Kristina said...

I totally can't complain! I have so many friends who are working at maintaining that life/work balance. Definitely not an easy task!
As for the bike clinic - a friend couldn't believe that I attended a 5-hour clinic and didn't learn how to change my tire. Lame.