Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that I'm loving these days

First of all, tomorrow is Friday, so what about life isn't okay? I also have a list of gratitudes to share:
- One that is long over due - Michael was, as usual, pretty awesome about my birthday. He always scores great presents, taking note throughout the year of certain items that have caught my eye or fancy. This year was no exception, and one of my favorite presents are these ├╝ber-cool earrings:

I think that they are so cool and fun - if you can't really see them, they are silver "diamond" stud earrings. These aren't exactly the ones that he gave me, but the idea is the same. Diamonds engraved on a silver stud. It's a fun twist on the classic diamond earrings. The whole riff on diamonds goes back to when we were dating and he gave me a plastic diamond ring - but a very cool, designy ring. Since then, I've actualy collected 3 more 'diamond' rings (that he has given them to me!), and I love wearing them. People think that I'm crazy, but they are so fun. I realize that some women might be pissed off if their boyfriend/husband/partner/lover gave them a plastic diamond ring, but you'll have to take my word on their total coolness.
Onto other news:
- We/I recently discovered Pandora, and I am kind of addicted. I particularly love the random music that comes up on the "Manu Chau" station.
- Obviously I celebrated with the rest of the country that Ben (the rapist) Roethlisberger did not carry his team to "glory". I can't say that I am a Green Bay fan, but I did root for them on Sunday.
- Also along the TV/Entertainment line, Michael and I saw "The Ghost Writer". Yes, I realize that I'm a hypocrite for rooting against Roethlisberger and condemning him for being a rapist, and then there is Roman Polanski... I also realize that this movie is over a year old. I'm behind the times. But, it was a THRILL of a movie! It made me realize that I've seen lots of shitty movies/shows recently. If you like thrillers/suspense, I highly recommend it.
- A friend from work and I are going to spinning classes together; today was the first time trying a real "studio", and I will say that I thoroughly appreciated the experience. The instructor was great, and I liked her choice of music (no Lady Gaga or other super "pop-y" songs at all!).
- Finally, this picture totally made me crack up - I always think that I look super intense when I run, but apparently I'm relaxed and barely beating the older guy behind me who is taking off his shirt!

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kilax said...

Love the pic! You look like a natural!

And those earrings are too cool. I may need to order a pair.

I hope to try a spin class someday. Everyone I know who does it loves it!