Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The good and the bad

Snow in Los Angeles:

Not the best photos out there, but hopefully the snow-covered mountains are more or less obvious. The top photo was the view out of our front door on Sunday morning - super crazy! Most of the snow has melted off by now, but there are still some patches. It's always a surreal experience when it snows in LA - or it is to me. I do wish that I could have explored and played in the snow. No luck. Maybe next time?
The other positive - Awesome bike ride yesterday afternoon. The weather was a little chilly for a southern CA afternoon, but I geared up for the ride (and looked like a total dork!). Because of the holiday, there weren't many cars on the streets, and it felt great to be out.
Finally, the negative, as in "the bad". After the awesome bike ride, I went to the podiatrist who confirmed nothing about my foot except that it is either a stress fracture or a bruised bone. His first comment when he examined my foot actually had nothing to do with the stress fracture but with my bunion. Yes, I have a bunion! I will deal with it eventually. Back to the stress fracture/bruised bone - neither diagnosis is a surprise, but he/the doc has ordered an MRI for me so that we (or he) can be sure that it's a fracture. I hesitated when he told me that he wanted me to get an MRI, but then he threatened me with a boot immediately and I meekly acquiesced. If I *have* to wear a boot, I'll do it, but I'd like to know for certain that it's a necessity.
So, I personally believe that I'm holding up very well, considering the fact that this injury feels like a huge setback to me. In the grand scheme of things, I recognize that this is a small detail, small potatoes, no biggie. I will admit that I'm frustrated and do feel the unfairness of a stress fracture. Along with a stir-crazy, I-want-to-get-outside type-of-a-feeling. And the fact that it is something so minor but not...
I'll keep my fingers crossed that the MRI will confirm that it's a bruised bone, but I'm not holding out too much hope.


kilax said...

Oh no! When is the MRI?! I am surprised. I did not know your foot was bothering you so much :(

I love that you can see the mountains from your house!!!

Kristina said...

No worries! I didn't know that it was so bad until I tried to run again on it. Then, it was terribly painful, and I finally decided to see the doctor. Not very smart! We'll see what it is - the MRI should tell me (or him - the doctor) something.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that your foot is injured! I hope it is a bruised bone my friend! My brother has a stress fracture in his foot right now and I know how painful those are...

Crossing my fingers!! Let us know how the MRI goes.