Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 - "The list"

I find that I have a complicated relationship with lists. I don't LOVE them like some people who avidly make lists for any and all occasions and religiously check them once and twice and then check them off when it's fait accompli. I often make lists when I'm trying to pack for a major trip, organizing holiday card people and addresses, and/or under major stress. My new year's resolution is not to make lists, and I actually hate the notion of "new year's resolutions". Just the term is enough to turn me off.
However, I do like the excitement of a new beginning, even if it is a false beginning of a sort since when does the year truly begin? Do we mark it January 1 or is it okay to begin witha January 15 start date? And what about the Chinese New Year and Rosh Hashanah and the aperture of classes (September for me)?
And so, in order to embrace the new year/new decade (according to some calculations, it's not a new decade, but that's another matter altogether), here is a list of goals/what-I-want-to-do:

- Begin running again! I return to the hot knee doctor, and he is prepared to let me begin to jog the last week of January. I don't want this to be a crazy obsession, but I love the idea of running around the horse trails for thirty minutes 3 or 4 times a week.
- Continue with salsa dancing lessons. Michael and I started them this summer, and a road trip followed by knee surgery interrupted our progress, but we hope to pick them up again in the spring time.
- Read more. In Spanish, in English, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, thick novels, whatever. Just read something every week.
- Go to the Hollywood Bowl this summer. It's crazy, I've lived in LA for the past 5 years now, and I have YET to attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. So, I can't wait.
- See Gustavo Dudamel in concert! Again, more on the musical theme. He's the new director/conductor of the LA Phil and is supposed to be a total dynamo and I'd love to see him conduct.
- Audit a class. This is blurring the personal/professional lines, but I'd love to be a student, not for a professional seminar, but in a university class.
- Bake more. I enjoy baking when I do it, but it's a rarity in my life, so I think that I should, as the slogan goes, "Just Do It".
- Go rock climbing. I've been climbing before, but it's now going on two years, and I'd love to get back in the harness this year. Even if it's in a gym. Just climb.

Alright, go me!

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Kim said...

Yes, the idea of a "new year" is a bit arbitrary. For a few years, Larry and I sent out Chinese New Year cards, just for fun. I also have a complicated relationships with lists and one of my quiet resolutions (meaning I'm afraid to state it as a goal) is to cut down on the lists. I can write something down if it's an appointment or something I will otherwise forget...but nothing obsessive/excessive. It just stresses me out more. I agree that packing lists and grocery lists and things serve a purpose, but I don't need to write down every hour of every day. I'm of the philosophy that if I forget it, it's not that important. However, I do think lists of long-term goals are good for motivation...as long as I don't re-do the list every day. Ha. I like yours! Hollywood Bowl is great. I've been to a number of concerts there, my favorite being lease events like Pink Floyd and Van Morrison. I'm also intrigued by rock climbing. I've only done indoor climbing, but loved it right away.
Have a great rest of the week :)