Sunday, January 17, 2010

East-west-east and random happenings

The point being, therefore, it was a treat to be out and about, putzing around Venice and Santa Monica, places we haven't visited in what seems like AGES to us. Venice, I believe, is one of my favorite places to walk - whether it's on the boardwalk, getting lost in the canals or poking in and out of the shops along Abbot Kinney Blvd, it has a great feel to it. Yes, I know that it is too hip for me, but I can daydream about being both wealthy and cool, adjectives that I do not normally use to describe myself!

We arrived early enough to get a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee place in the world, Intelligentsia, which takes coffee drinking and tasting to an entirely different level. I hadn't been to the Venice location, but Michael and I both agreed that we actually preferred the Venice experience over the Silverlake place which is too crowded and noisy. We thought it might be because of the layout of the "coffee bar", as they call it, which was definitely designed with the idea that it would be crowded. So, the flow was great - rather than the line going to just one person, they sort of "triage" the line, splitting people up right, left and center. Also, the crowd was a bit older - 30's and up. I feel agist saying this, but it was a relief to not be surrounded by 20-somethings with crazy tats and lots of piercings. Finally, the coffee was JUST as good, and we also shared some butter in the form of pastries. Heaven! The opening shot is Michael's cup of joe. He spilled some of the foam, but it looked kind of cool.

Afterwards, we walked a few blocks to the beach. At times, I can't believe that I live so close to the Pacific Ocean. It was a lovely morning, and there were lots of surfers riding the waves. Surfing, by the way, is on my wish list - "Things I want to do before I die". I have such a hard time with the cold water of the Pacific, however, that I'm not optimistic that it would be the best experience for me.
Finally, back to Abbot Kinney where we picked up a late Christmas present for my mom at Urbanic Paper. We had ordered it well before the holidays, but there was a glitch in the order (it's an address stamp; they seem to be the rage these days, but it's also cool and something that she will use). So, six to eight weeks after the initial order, we finally picked it up. Success!
The rest of the day's activities bounced us from Santa Monica to the LA Farmer's Market at Third and Fairfax to Glendale and ending at Burbank. The strangest moment of the day happened at Anthropologie. I'm a sucker for looking at items there, and I love to make Michael go in with me. He tends to look at books and home stuff while I eye over-priced skirts, tops, dresses and other stuff.
I was looking at their on-sale stockings, which were super cute and well-priced, and there was a camera thrown on top of the mix. I didn't focus on the camera, so intent was I on the stockings, but as I was about to leave, my gaze sharpened and I finally noticed that there was a real camera just sitting there. A very nice camera - a Nikon. I wasn't sure if it was digital or not, but I grabbed it, then looked around, waiting for someone to yell at me, "Hey you! Drop that!". No one did, which seemed even stranger, and I kept looking around the store. Finally, I saw a blond woman with a walky-talky who seemed to be working and not shopping, and I must have had a questioning look upon my face because she asked, "Can I help you?". So, I gave her the camera, telling her that I found it in the "on-sale stocking bin".
How weird, no?! It was a seriously nice camera, from what I could tell. I hope that the owner remembered going to Anthro and returns to inquire for it. I have lost plenty of nice belongings, and it is a terrible experience. And finding the lost items is a wonderful experience, so hopefully someone reunites with his/her camera. That was my one good deed for the day - maybe for the month? It's not often that you find an expensive camera just hanging about.

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Kim said...

Ahh, you make me miss Los Angeles. When I actually lived there, I found it hard to get motivated to get on the freeway and explore. I tended to stick to certain areas. However, I have been to all the places you mentioned. There is a lot to see in L.A. Great farmers markets, cafes, coffee places. I like your new blog :)