Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Success on a rainy day

It's pretty sad that I rate the afternoon "successful" based on the fact that my dogs pooped. Both of them.
This is what happens when it rains in Southern California. My world revolves around getting the dogs out of the house for at least a block, all the while keeping my fingers crossed that they will do their business.
Sad? Or funny?
I'm not sure, but it beats over-analyzing meetings, classes taught, students chased and chastened, and, finally, the coup de grace, a dental appointment!


Kim said...

Can you believe this rain?! I have to admit I get a little excited by weather. Thunder! Lightning! I considered my day a success because my outdoor cat did not drown. Pets are important ;)

Kristina said...

The rain is crazy. Actually, my students TOTALLY freaked out yesterday because there was thunder and lightening. When I said to them, "It's only thunder and lightening," one of the students quite gamely replied, "Yeah, but we live in Southern Californiaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!".
I might have to write more about the rain!
Thanks for keeping up with this silly blog. It's kind of random but also fun for me.