Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changing plans: A low-key weekend

So much for a long and very hilly ride this morning; the rain washed away those plans. Yes, I happen to be a fair-weather rider, I will admit the fickle nature of my lackluster cycling passion. Looking at the forecast, it does not bode well for the rest of the week, although I will hope for the usual mistakes on the part of the Weather Channel. And so, rather than a nice ride outside, I will pretend that a super intense spinning class can make up the deficit. I suppose that it is better than lounging around the house, moping about the weather.
In addition to the weather prompting far less ambitious plans for the weekend, Michael caught the flu-bug that seems to be making its way around the part of Southern CA. I am simultaneously trying to be sympathetic and play nurse while also cursing under my breath that he had better not contaminate me! So much for being the perfect wife.
I realized, however, that it is not all bad, his being sick. Not for me, at least (it looks as though he feels like crap, and he certainly doesn't sound great). We - or I - usually push so much during the weekends, trying to go and do and see, that laying low is a nice change of pace. I have graded a few compositions, enjoyed a late breakfast, given the dogs some attention. Not bad.
I will, however, miss Michael as my date to a social/work function tonight, but a friend and I will make a nice twosome. Michael's "delicate" condition might provide me with the perfect reason to bolt on the early side, so maybe I won't curse him, even if I end up hacking up my lung later in the week?!


Anonymous said...

I have zero patience with Ali when he's sick. His "delicate" condition nearly sets me over the edge! It's all me, me, me. It drives me nuts - so really, you are a much better wife than me!

The rain totally kiboshed (sp?) my plans to take Maya to the park today and exhaust her. What does one do with a rowdy child in the rain? I have no's going to be a long day. :)

Kristina said...

Michael's actually pretty low key, and he apologizes profusely for being sick, which is kind of funny.
I can't imagine having a child and being cooped up all weekend with that little being. I have a friend whose daughter is about 18 months; she said that yesterday, she and her husband profoundly wished that daycare were open on saturdays so that they could drop their daughter off. Too funny.
I hope that you survived - that you either gave Maya or yourself a sedative.