Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Madness

I realize that's about the most over-used and therefore unoriginal title for anything, but whatever. It's probably trademarked to boot. However, it does aptly describe my state of mind/being, which is far from being zen, at peace with world and content with myself.
If I remember correctly, March is a bit of nightmare work-wise, but I forget about that quality until I'm actually experiencing the nightmare. Perhaps that's a good thing, because I don't dread it, it just *happens* and then I hate my life for the few weeks until spring break finally arrives. I know, I know, I'm complaining about March when it does deliver some gift - that oh-so desired and necessary week off from students (not, usually, from work). But in the meantime, I feel AP exams looming, too many distractions for the students and reasons to slack off, along with a short day here, missing a day there. Plus, there is this event that I have to plan and then the worry that comes with the event (will I pull it off or will the head of school fire me?). And, finally, the curse of the second-semester seniors has hit, so I find myself running after students far more than I like to do.
Woe is me.
To top it all off, I have felt very frustrated about the foot situation on the one hand, and then freaked out about the entire concept of the Wildflower Triathlon. At some point, I planned to dedicate some thought to the "Why compete in a triathlon?" question. Now, since I've downgraded my entire approach to the triathlon from the "compete concept" to "just finish it and don't be last", I think that I'll save the deep thoughts for another day.
I have, however, spent plenty of time thinking about the Tri and how it is now 8 weeks away (Oh, Fuck!) and how I should be ratcheting up my so-called training program. Should, should, should. I finally got out on the bike again today, after much berating myself all week. Michael accompanied me, and we had a fantastic ride around town! We started with a pretty major climb - I think we were averaging 2 miles per hour on it, or something super lame like that - but I remember doing this climb back in the fall, and I actually felt great today. Also, major points for me - I did not fall, although I almost did as I came home. So graceful.
So, cycling continues to not cause any issues for my foot, which makes me quite happy. I realize that I sound like the most boring person in the world now that I've seriously dedicated myself to limiting my walking. We had snow in the mountains the past two weekends, and I missed it because of my left foot. I haven't even taken the dogs out for walks these days!
On a totally different note, I am chaperoning students on a bus today/tonight to see our basketball team. I have spirit, yes I do, I have spirit! Go team go!
See, there's your March Madness!

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Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your week off in March! And that you had a chance to get your bike in the lovely weather we've been having. I really need to figure out how to get my tires in good shape again and get back in the saddle!

I'm glad you have enough spirit for both of us Kristina!