Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not a girly-girl (but sometimes a mean girl)

I've been seriously unmotivated these days - regarding student papers that I need to grade. I believe that I have a case of spring fever and cannot concentrate, and the weather and change to daylight savings have conspired against me. Thus these wonderful photos to illustrate that point:

Yesterday, in Santa Monica, enjoying the awesome weather.

En casa, with yellow cauliflower posing as flowers - and some ghosts in the background! We ended up eating the cauliflower for dinner.

Moving on to other topics that do not include the weather or my total aversion to work... Michael and I attended an afternoon spin class today which I assured him would be not as hard as some other classes we've attended. I think that he wanted to push me off the bike at a certain point in the class, because she kicked our butts! One of my favorite mental activities in which I engage while spinning has nothing to do with having a great workout. Confession: I like to find people who annoy me, and then I enjoy watching them be annoying. Total sick and perverse, kind of like looking at a car wreck. Today, I zeroed in on these two women who CLEARLY were newbies to spinning (like I was a few weeks ago). Unlike my experience - when I did not want people to know that I was new to spinning - they seemed to flaunt the fact that they had no idea what they were doing, "rode" with poor form, were dressed pretty much identically (ubiquitous yoga pants and a tank top) and giggled periodically and inappropriately. I do go to class with a friend on occasion and/or with Michael, but I don't see it as a social hour. The socializing can happen before or after, but it shouldn't happen DURING class. Jeez and sheez!
So, yes, I'm very judgmental when it comes to things like women acting, to me, girly. Maybe it is the type-A side of my personality that on occasion rears its ugly head. Maybe it's that they remind me of my middle school experience when I hated the cliques of cute girls, mainly because I was not a part of them. While I can be feminine - for instance, I don't mind wearing heels on occasion (if they are comfortable), will definitely shell out the bucks to get a pedicure, like clothes and all that jazz, I sometimes believe that I have a 'girly chip' missing, at least the one that lets me giggle. I don't mind being somewhat feminine, but I'd rather laugh out loud over a bawdy joke than giggle. Give me a dirty martini over a cosmo, even if it's just to look tougher than I am.
To add to the lack of giggle and on a different tangent... It does make me wonder that most of the students who comment on my "get-ups" (as Michael likes to call the clothes that I wear to work) are boys. Okay, that makes me sound like I'm pulling the sexy teacher look. Not at all. I have these two students, male, both very quirky, who seem to like my Doc Martens, French fisherman's sweater and this punky-bracelet that I occasionally sport. While I would like to think that I'm trending in a 'cool' fashion, I actually believe that these two kids like my so-called style because they would wear certain items that I happen to don.
I'm not sure what to make of all this or where this all came from. Spin class? A student asking me if I used to be into punk? Too much time to ponder my own life?
All of the above? Check!

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