Sunday, March 20, 2011

A quick-change artist!

About 5:00 pm yesterday, I decided that I needed to begin preparations for the social event of the evening - probably of the year. I don't often don a cocktail dress, maybe twice a year, so I try to give myself ample time to look more or less presentable for a fancy occasion. The irony is that it does not take me much longer than my everyday routine, but I assume that it will take hours upon hours!
However, I randomly decided to see if the wetsuit that a friend has loaned me for the triathlon fit (yes, I'm still planning on participating in a triathlon, although my running is game is shot these days). I have no idea why it seemed so urgent, but as you can see, put it on I did!
And it fits! Maybe not the most attractive look that I've ever pulled off, but shew! That is one very expensive piece of gear that I couldn't possibly afford to buy, and I really wanted to avoid renting one if I could. Hooray for Katie!
By the way, don't I look like a badA$$?! Wishful thinking, I know!

So, once I had it on, after much pulling it and pushing myself, it seemed silly to immediately strip down and take the damn suit off. I'm going to have to deal with swimming in cold water at some point, so I took up Michael's challenge and jumped in the pool in our backyard and swam a length. Then, I got out, ran to the diving board and jumped in again. My feet were FREEZING, but my body felt great! It was kind of a crazy thing to do - randomly jump in a pool on a cold day in March, but I think that I needed something silly and goofy before changing into more adult-like attire. In less than an hour, I was sporting something like this:
While this was not exactly my dress, it conveys the main idea: the ubiquitous LITTLE BLACK DRESS! I know, I'm so boring. There actually was a THEME involved in the party/fundraiser that I attended last night, but I decided to play it safe (= boring). I did, however, wear new shoes that I purchased at Bloomingdale's in San Francisco way back when, and they were great. And I also had a nice blue wrap, so I wasn't completely boring. While I did not have a *fantastic* time of it, I also did not find myself cursing every moment of the evening. So, not a raving success of an evening, but not a flop either.

I really don't mind dressing up or attending social events, but as goofy as I look in the wetsuit, I find it far more inspiring, if not quite as fashionable. So, to end on that note, here's another shot of how cool I am in a wetsuit:

I'm totally ROCKIN' it! Splish splash!


Jaya said...

You ARE rockin that something fierce! I'd take the wetsuit over the black dress (which I think it actually quite fetching). Nothing a great pair of dangly earrings can't dress up!

kilax said...

I love the wet suit! How lucky that you can borrow it! How long did it take to get on?

And I love the LBD :)

How is your foot?

Kristina said...

So, the wetsuit - yeah, totally lucky that a friend has one that I can use.
Getting the wetsuit on isn't the issue - it's the taking it off. I think it takes me about an hour or so to peel it off.