Monday, March 21, 2011

Pizza and Pancakes and Thai - the ideal diet

Over the weekend, I witnessed how I would eat if I still lived on my own, and it was fun and tasty, but not very healthy in the long run. Because he wasn't feeling well, Michael lived off Progresso soup, which he has now sworn off for at least a year. Fortunately, our Costco stock usually lasts about that long, enough to get us through a few rounds of sickness. While he was slurping down different variations of processed chicken noodle soup, I was eating exactly what I wanted.
Not that I don't eat what I want, but I do try to eat like an adult - lots of greens, some protein, homemade meals to one degree or another.
With him being sick, I fully gave into my carb cravings. Yesterday, for example, I made pancakes for myself for breakfast. After a MILE SWIM (!!), I bought a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's and wolfed it down before taking a nice nap. Then, last night, I ordered Thai for the both of us - Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai.
He's feeling better, so I'm now trying to act more responsible with my food choices.
With the exception of some Sun Chips as a mid-morning snack, of course!

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kilax said...

I love deviating from "healthy" eating and just going with whatever every once in awhile! :)