Sunday, January 2, 2011

Farewell to old trends!

So, I'm a day late (or two days late) and definitely a dollar or so short, but I have a brief list of items, trends, ideas, people that I will not miss in 2011. While they still may present themselves far too often for my liking, I will personal scratch them off my 'acceptable' list.
For starters, I'm totally over and done with the tight/skinny jeans or leggings tucked into boots look. Part of my issue, I know, is that I see multitudes of female students who are all dressed THE SAME WAY. For the past months, people (students) have thrust that look upon me at least twenty times per day. While I am aware that there are worse fashion trends, like the cropped top + low rider pants which meant that I could see every female students' thong, a look that was prevalent a few years ago, it's the pervasiveness of the "look" that has exhausted me. I am definitely suffering from "boot + pant" fatigue.
Moving on... I wish that I were responsible for this tirade against the expression "Just sayin'" but that honor goes to Scott Simon of NPR (of Saturday morning's "Weekend Edition" fame). I loved his twist on famous quotes with "just sayin'" added to them. So, yes, I think that I can do without that expression for a lifetime.
In terms of people, the list is too long to enumerate, but I will say that Kei$ha, Brett Favre and Sarah Palin top the list of people who, if I had my way, would be sucked into a black hole and disappear forever. Is that totally unfair that I lumped Kei$ha in with Favre and Palin?
Finally, I can't say how happy I am that it is a non-election year. By the first of November, I definitely suffered from election/politics/news fatigue.
Oh, I can't wait until the Iowa caucuses get goin' in just a few months' time as we gear up in 2011 for 2012!


Jaya said...

Kristina! Happy New Year! I loved this post and it really got me thinking about 2010 trends that have worn out their welcome, but it's hard to think of any! I've been so insular and self-concerned that I feel totally out of touch with popular trends. I'm hopeful that this will be an election year for us - good riddance to an ever more embarrassing minority government! It's so nice to visit here again after such a long break!

Kristina said...

Happy New Year to you! I hope that school is treating you well and that you are enjoying your studies and the program. I'm not sure if you are missing much by being out of touch with 'popular' trends either!
Hope it's a good 2011 for you!

kilax said...

I think the leggings and boots look is cute on some girls (never on me) but yeah, let's try something new!