Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new addition to the household

At the moment, I don't feel like I'm doing much of anything that can be called "adventure" so here is to the quotidian! After the trip to Colorado, we've hunkered down for the 'winter'. Oh, wait, we are headed out of town for 2 out of 4 upcoming weekends - excitement!
Back to the hunkering down idea, however. January of course is filled with new resolutions, well-meaning hopes to transform one's life. Our major household change is a bit transformational.
And what would that change be?
Well, we did re-arrange the dining/sitting area, but that flopped, so we went back to the original scheme.
The other change - ta-da: CABLE TV.
That is right. We caved. This could be an auspicious or inauspicious beginning to the year or some omen about our marriage. We no longer want to hold hands and talk over candle light and NPR. Over the holiday break, Michael called me the perfect girlfriend (not wife) as we sat in a Motel 6 (we were on the road and they let pets stay), eating pizza, drinking beer and watching an NFL game. I've decided to fulfill the role of 'perfect girlfriend' as much as possible this year.
Okay, we won't indulge in too much beer and pizza, but we did totally give in to cable because of sports. It sounds lame even to me, but I actually love to follow sports. Usually, I read the sports sections of various media outlets, so I know when to be properly outraged over the NCAA's unfair treatment of teams (Go Boise State! Boooo Ohio State!). I dutifully followed Rafael Nadal, one of my favorite players for years, reading up article after article about him. Now, I can actually WATCH all of this stuff! My only regret is that we did not get cable last year for the Olympics and the World Cup. Instead, I spent hours upon hours at the gym, watching TV there and wishing that I could compete in the biathlon.
As I wax poetic about sports and cable, I will also say that it is so strange to have cable in our house. We were pretty adamant for years about not having cable, partly because there are tons of channels with nothing of interest to actually see/watch, kind of like eating junk food. I continue to adhere to this notion, seeing that we had cable installed on Tuesday and, with the exception of a few minutes of the end of the Daily Show, we haven't even watched it, turning to Netflix instead.
I am also wary of cable because I happen to *LOVE* the original and now-defunct "Law and Order" series. Lame, I know. The danger of this show is that one can almost always find a "Law and Order" marathon at any time of any day. So, I could probably spend endless hours watching old episodes of "Law and Order".
To combat this weakness of mine, I have decided that I will refrain from learning how to work the cable box and remote control. It will be this "THING" that exists but does not contaminate my nice little NPR-world. Almost as if I've put my fingers in my ears and I'm saying la-la-la-la so that I can drone out the annoying noise that someone else is making.
Until, of course, I do find that "Law and Order" marathon or March Madness begins!


kilax said...

It's funny you write this! Just this morning a friend emailed me to say her and her husband were going to watch football in a bar because they don't have cable. Like you, I think most of the shows are awful. The junk food comparison was a good one ;)

Kristina said...

I must admit that we've gone to a bar or to the gym JUST to watch a game or a match. Somehow, reading the play-by-play doesn't always make a fulfilling experience.